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You may play Minecraft for some time. Then, you realize that you cannot find Mineshafts which then you think whether Minecraft spawn in a certain level. Well, we are going to explain to you about it so that it will be clear for you.

What are abandoned mineshafts? These are generated structures which were added in Bet 1.8 together with strongholds. Also, they were added in TU5 for the Xbox 360 Edition and 0.9.0 for Pocket Edition. So, how to find abandoned mineshafts? Ravines and oceans often collide with abandoned mineshafts. It means that you will be able to see the light coming from the torches in the mineshafts from a large distance, even if it is located at the bottom of the ocean or ravine.

In abandoned shafts, cave spiders are common, but so are other monsters . So, if you are able to listen for any large number of monsters, it can indicate abandoned mineshafts. Or, perhaps a cavern or dungeon is near to your current position. To find abandoned mineshafts, you can also change your fog distance to a higher setting or by going through all the settings. By doing it, the world will load all the hidden chunks.

Are abandoned mineshafts at a certain level? When we tried to search the information about it, here are some comments in some forums from Minecraft players regarding the level of abandoned mineshafts.

  • Abandoned Mineshafts are obvious once you have found then. It is because they are the only naturally generated structures that use wood and fences. Also, there are cobwebs which are scattered around them, especially around Cave Spider spawners. There are not any surefire ways to find it. However, you can start by exploring various caves. If you see a Wooden Planks, you know that you have found one. You can also look for a ravine because abandoned mineshafts can sometimes be found intersecting them.
  • Abandoned Mineshafts are not able to be found by any special means. However, they have the characteristic of significant horizontal extent. You are able to find a ravine and then search its length. If a mineshaft intersects a ravine, the mineshaft will have wooden bridges which cross the ravine. There must be a minimum and maximum depth (Y coordinate) at which mineshafts happen. So, you can also limit your search to those levels. However, there is no information about it on the Wiki.
  • The quickest way to find mineshafts in Minecraft is by swimming in deep water. Deep Oceans will crape the top of the mineshafts open.
  • Abandoned mineshafts span across a lot of levels due to their maze-like structure. However, they will always stop 8 blocks above ground. So, you have to dig at least this far to find one. If you want to find them easier, you can search under the ocean. Sometimes they will break through the ocean floor. Or, you can also find in a ravine because abandoned mineshafts are likely to spawn hallways inside them.

Well, hopefully, the explanation from other Minecraft players that we re-type above can be helpful for you in finding abandoned mineshafts.

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