What Does Depth Strider Do In Minecraft

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In Minecraft, you may already know that there are tons of different enchantments and spell that you can make and use. Certainly, they come to help you on your adventure activity. Well, one of the enchantments and spells which is really useful for you is Depth Strider.

Furthermore, the Depth Strider is one of the recommended enchantments and spells in Minecraft that allows the players to use at the some points. For more detail, the Depth Strider is an armor enchantments which increases the underwater movement speed. So, it focuses to enchant your character’s boots at an enchanting table, anvil or by using a cheat.

Your boots definitely can be enchanted all the way up to the Depth Strider III. It can be reached with the higher of the granting level as an improved effect at all.

What does the Depth Strider do in Minecraft?

Need to know that every level reduces the amount water slows the player by 1/3 involving to reduce the speed at the following water, then, it pushes the player when standing still. In this case, a carrying enchanted armor with Depth Strider also will move more slowly when the water pushes it.

Then, at level 3, the player will swim as fast as walking on the land. So, any higher level has no more effect on speed. In addition, the speed potion influences the player’s swimming the same as walking also at level 3.

Depth Strider generally can be applied only to boots. Indeed, by using the commands, the enchantment will still work if applied to the other types of the armor such as a helmet.

Depth Strider Information

Maximum Level                      III

Primary Items                         Boots

Secondary Items                     None

Enchantment weight               2

Incompaatible with                 Frost Walker

How to make the Depth Strider Enchantment in Minecraft?

Need to know that, Minecraft will randomly choose the three enchantments for you which are dependent on the item as you have. Then, you do not forget that you will also need Lapiz Lazuli.

In fact, if you pick the highest costing enchantment, automatically you will get two additional enchantments on top which probably will fit for the item type as you have.

The good news, you will not always be stuck with the random enchantment for the item as you do not like. In this case, you can also not to include the Depth Strider.

But, if you wait about a day in-game and return to your enchanting table, automatically Minecraft will give three new random enchantment that you can choose from. Then, you can continue to do it until you get the Depth Strider enchantment. So, it’s so simple case to choose it and away you go.

Note: The only way that you can guarantee youself the Depth Strider enchantment is to create your own enchanted book with the particular enchantment. Then, you can use it tp enchant your boots. In this case, you have to get the lucky for enchanted book with the Depth Strider.

Well, you already know what the Depth Strider do in Minecraft. So, it is better for you to apply it directly in your Minecraft. Good Luck!!!

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