What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, you are able to breed and farm animals. What animals do you want to farm or breed? Do you want to breed  sheep? If so, you need to know the food that they eat, right? So, what do sheep eat in Minecraft?

Sheep eat wheat. Sheep also eat grass blocks and it will change them into dirt blocks. If a sheared sheep eats a grass block during daytime, you will see that its wool grows back. So, if there is no grass, a sheep cannot regrow its wool after being sheared. Sheep cannot eat a grass block with tall grass on it. They can eat the tall grass and it will make the sheep disappear. In case an adult sheep has the chance, the chance of eating grass is 1/1000 per game tick.

Do you want to breed sheep? If you want to breed them, you have to follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to find two sheep. If you find some difficulties when you are finding sheep, you are able to summon a sheep by using a cheat or you are able to use a spawn egg. When you are breeding them, your sheep need to be close together. So, you can build a fence to preventing them from running away.
  • Now, you have to feed the wheat to each of the sheep. When you feed the wheat to the sheep, there will be red hearts which appear over their heads. Each of these sheep is getting into love mode. If you have fed them, they will turn to each other and the red hearts will continue to come up.
  • A few moments later, the red hearts will be gone and there will be a baby sheep which is standing next to its parents. Usually, the baby sheep will have the color which is same as one of its parent. But, if the parents were compatible colors, the baby will be a combination of the parents’ colors.

In Minecraft, sheep is one of the most plentiful and beneficial mobs in Minecraft. They are able to be found wandering throughout the Overworld. The primary goal of sheep is to be able to supply Wool and Raw Mutton.

How about the look of the sheep in Minecraft? An adult sheep has 1.25 blocks tall, by 0.624 blocks wide, by 1.4375 blocks long. They are like sheep in the real world where they walk on all fours. Naturally, this animal spawns with wool colored white, black, light grey, grey, brown and rarely pink. However, the majority of them have white coats.

How about their behaviour? They are passive but they wander around the overworld. When they encounter an obstacle, they will try to jump over it. If they are attacked, they will run away. They will make no trial to stay out of water. In Minecraft, it is common to see some sheep which are bobbing in the water along with other animals. If you like this animal, you are able to breed in the game.

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