What Are the Different Portals in Minecraft

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You may have seen some portals in Minecraft but you may not know what portals they are. In Minecraft, there are some portals and those are different. What are the portals in Minecraft? You will know after you read this article until the end.

According to Minecraft Gamepedia, Portal in Minecraft may refer to these:

Nether Portal. This is the specific formation of obsidian blocks which create the structure. It is used to travel to the Nether.

  • Nether Portal (block). It is the purple, indestructible, transparent, vortex-animated block which fills in a nether portal.
  • Ruined portal. It is the naturally-generating formations of obsidian.
  • Funky Portal. It is the April fools portal which is created by throwing a book and quill to a nether portal.
  1. Funky Portal (block). It is the indestructible, transparent, vortex-animated block which fills in a funky portal.

End Portal. This is specific formation of 12 End Portal Frame blocks which create the structure used to travel to the End.

  • End Portal (block). Itis black, indestructible starry-animated block which fills in an end portal.
  • End Portal Frame. It is the indestructible block which is found in sets of 12 in strongholds that must be activated by entering an eye of ender.
  1. Exit Portal. The exit portal from the End which is framed in bedrock.
  2. End gateway. It is the portal to the outer islands of the End which is framed in bedrock
  • End Gateway (block). This is the full-cube black, indestructible, starry-animated block which fills in an end gateway portal.

In Minecraft, you are able to make portals. If you want to make a Nether Portal, you have to mine obsidian blocks first. It will make the frame for your Nether Portal. To get the obsidian, you need a water bucket, a diamond pickaxe and also a pool of red hot lava. Then, you are able to create flint and steel. It is what you need to light the obsidian frame and make the Nether Portal. You will need two types of ore including Iron and gravel.

After creating flint and steel, you have to create a fire charge but it is optional. This is an optional step and it is aimed to ignite the obsidian frame. It requires an ingredient dropped in the Nether. Then, you are able to build your Nether Portal. The frame for your Nether Portal requires a total of 14 obsidian blocks. If you have built it, you are able to ignite any obsidian block side facing inward.

You are also able to make an End Portal. However, if you are playing in Survival mode, you are not able to make an End Portal. The only way to be able to access an End Portal in Survival mode is to be able to invade an underground Stronghold. You are able to locate a stronghold by loading Chunkbase in your web browser and getting into your world seed number. If you want to know how to make an End Portal, you are able to read another article in this site.

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