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Why do many people really love to join with unofficial Hypixel Discord? As we know that there is an official Hypixel Discord available. But, most people still look for another unofficial Hypixel community on Discord.

Mostly, the people want to have a fun time by joining the Discord. But, it is such a limited space if you just join with one Discord server. We guess that you also will look for another Discord server to play and make new friends within. That’s why many Hypixel members are still looking for the Unofficial Hypixel Discord to get more experiences.

However, joining with unofficial Hypixel Discord is not totally wrong for you. Sometimes, if you join with unofficial Hypixel Discord, you can find more new unique friends and play with them. You also can talk about another topic not only about Hypixel. Besides, the unofficial Hypixel Discord has a very active server to access.

At least, those can be the reason why most Hypixel members prefer to choose unofficial Hypixel community on Discord. But, in this case, you also do not miss to join the official Hypixel Discord. However, this is an official community of Hypixel available on Discord.

By joining with this official Hypixel Discord, you can totally voice chat with your friends from Hypixel Minecraft server. But, it requires you to connect your Minecraft account to your Discord account by using the command /discord on Hypixel server.

To join with the official Hypixel community on Discord, you can click this invite link at:

Unofficial Hypixel Discord

As we have explained above, there are some basic reasons that lead many Hypixel members to join with unofficial Hypixel Discord. So, we are here to show you the list of unofficial Hypixel Discord that you can try to join with.

Then, here is a list of Unofficial Hypixel Discord Servers:

1#Unofficial Discord Server

This is the most popular unofficial Hypixel Discord among the members. There are tons of threads discussing that you can find on this Discord. This has 2.4K active members. So, you can totally join the unofficial Discord server at

2#Unofficial Hypixel Discord

If you want to join with another unofficial Hypixel Discord, this group can be your best option. You can click this link to accept an invite


This is the third unofficial Hypixel Discord which has more than 8.3K active members. Of course, it can be mentioned as one of popular Unofficial Hypixel Discord. You can join with this through this invite link at


This Unofficial Hypixel Discord has more than 1.5K active members. If you really desire to get this unofficial Hypixel Discord, you are able to join with this Discord by clicking this invite link

5#Hypixel Network

This unofficial Hypixel community already had more than 1.5K active members. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it. If you want to join with it, you can click this invite link at

Now, you can choose one of unofficial Hypixel Discord servers or more to get more experience with your friends.

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