Top 10 Plugins for Bukkit & Spigot Servers in Minecraft

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You may come to this page to get the top 10 plugins for Bukkit and Spigot server in Minecraft, may not you? If so, you are at the right page now. However, in this chance, we will show you the recommendations of the top plugins that you can choose for your server.

Are you so curious? Here are the Top 10 Plugins for Bukkit & Spigot Servers in Minecraft which is recommended for you:

  1. EssentialsX

This plugin offers the Minecraft servers admin with over 100 useful commands and tons of features such as kits for a new player. The EssentialX is a fork of original Essentials which run on newer versions of Minecraft. But, this also provides all utility as the original one. You can get this plugin at this page.

  1. WorldEdits

This server provides you to use the powerful tools to change and shape the landscape of your server in Minecraft. Besides, it will allow you to change in every single block with ascertain volume to whatever the type of block that you love. The WorldEdit is required by some other plugins too. You can download this plugin at this page.

  1. Vault

Need to know that vault is not a flashy plugin, it is totally essential if you desire to get a server which uses lots of plugins. This is running smoothly to provide economy systems, chat modification, user permissions and more. You can download it at this page.

  1. ClearLagg

You may often get your server lagging. Of course, you are not alone because every Minecraft player always get the same problem too. In this case, the ClearLagg server come to take care of lots of lag situations without needing to worry. You can download this plugin at this page.

  1. DynMap

This plugin looks like the Google map in which it provides the detailed overhead view of your world. It also updates in real-time. You can get it at this page.

  1. GriefPrevention

When you are getting pain in using bad plugin, you do not have to worry. Indeed, the GriefPrevention plugin presents to get rid of your stress of running Minecraft server. So far, this is the best of Bukkit server as anti-griefing which is available today. So, this is a must-have plugin on every Survival Server. You can get this plugin at this page.

  1. Multiverse

The Multiverse is a bukkit plugin which will make it to run the multiple worlds on a single server of Minecraft. In this case, Add-Ons will allow you to create portals for the regular players. You can get it at this page.

  1. World Guard

When you are running a public server, absolutely you will get any issues that informs you about other player’s builds, players griefing spawn and many more. Then, this plugin comes to help you in solving your problem. The World Guard will put end to grief on servers that lead it to be one of the best plugins for Bukkit and Spigot server. You can get it at this page.

  1. Holographics Displays

It can be something confusing when a new player comes and joins with your server. In this case, you can use the signs or books to solve it. But, it does not matter because this plugin will allow you to put text anywhere in your world with text and format as you desire. You can get this plugin at this page.

  1. MCMMO

This plugin present to add a new aspect to your Minecraft server. In this case, it help you to get your players addicted to your game and will play more. By using this plugin, automatically, the player will increase their skill in everything from cutting to mining and much more. You can get the plugin at this page.

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