Top 10 Best AFK Automatic Farms in Minecraft

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When playing the game called Minecraft, one of the most time-consuming tasks is getting materials. A ton of materials are available in the overworld while some would be trickier to find. Particular blocks are only available in certain places such as The Nether and some biomes. If you ask a player of Minecraft, the most tedious block to get is probably the common blocks.

Common blocks such as mob drops, cobblestone, food items, and sugarcane are easy to find. You can just start mining if you need cobblestone. By doing so, you will be able to get it in no time. What about the food? You are able to make a small farm, get a few animal mobs, and tend to them. Do not forget that some of these blocks do not need specialized tools and are able to be harvested through bare hands.

However, what if you need stacks of cobblestone for a project? What if tending your farms takes a long time? And what if you need a lot of wool or mob drops for trade or for your build? What if you need XP but you do not want to fight a lot of monsters? This is where the thing called automatic or AFK Farms are the most useful. Here are the top 10 best AFK Automatic Farms in Minecraft.

1. Food Farms Villagers by Avomance
2. Animal Farm by Mumbo Jumbo
3. AFK Fishing Farm by PuffingFish HQ
4. Automatic Wood Farm by Mumbo Jumbo
5. Automatic Slimeball Farm by Xenoshot
6. Sugar Cane AFK Farm by DiamondsRaider
7. Melon and Pumpkin Farm by Mumbo Jumbo
8. Cobblestone Generator by Mumbo Jumbo
9. AFK Bamboo Farm by DiamondsRaider
10. Wool Farm by OMGcraft

This paragraph is about the best AFK Automatic Farm in Minecraft known as Food Farms Villagers. Foods are one of the easiest automatic farms in the game. Crops are able to be traded, used for crafting recipes, and eaten. Aside from that, vegetables are also able to be used to feed animal mobs. However, farming in the game is a tedious task. Fortunately, you are able to automate this process. The creator called Avomance created an automatic vegetable farm in which a villager is used to plant seeds. Using observers, you can dispense the water when the crop is ready. It makes collecting crops easier and more efficient. You just need to open your storage and get the food item that you want. For those who are wondering how to transport a villager to your base, using a boat is one of the best means.

Now, let’s talk about the Animal Farm by Mumbo Jumbo. Building an animal farm is a perfect method to get the mob drops without hacking and slashing them yourself. They are used to automatically kill and collect the drops of the mobs. The only thing that you have to do is to breed the animals and collect the loot.

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