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Have you heard about TLauncher? It is a popular alternative launcher for Minecraft and it has some features over the official one. Those features are accessing to every Minecraft version, one-click installs for Forge and OptiFine, Mod-pack system and custom system skins.

Do you want to use this launcher? If you want to use it, you need to sign up first. How to sign up into TLauncher? Basically, signing up to a site is almost the same as you sign up to other sites. How to do that? We will give you the guide to sign up to TLauncher.

  • The first thing that you do to sign up to TLauncher is accessing the site namely¬†
  • When you are in the site, you will see a lot of menu and options. Look at the top right side of the home page and you will see Sign Up menu. Click on it.
  • After clicking on Sign Up menu, then you will be in Registration page. In that page, you have to enter the required information in the field such as login, email, password and password confirm.
  • If you have entered the fields, do not forget to give a tick on a box saying “i’m not a robot” and also give a tick on a box saying “I accept Rules and Terms”.
  • Then, click on Sign Up button.

As you can see in the guides above that the steps to sign up in TLauncher is very easy. So, you are able to sign up now if you have not and enjoy every feature in the launcher.

If you sign up, you are able to set your own skin, connect premium features, interact with TLauncher and enjoy other features in the TLauncher. When this article was being created, the last update of TLauncher was on February 27th, 2020 and it is in 2.69 version. There are some changes in version 2.69 including:

  • There are the Shaders tab to the mod-pack system. Now, to improve the appearance of the game has become easier.
  • There are fixes and improvements for the stability of the program.

If you want to download TLauncher, you can do that by clicking on Download button which is available on the home page of TLauncher site. It is available for Windows, Mac,  and Linux. Click on the Download button and then you will see a small window popping out where you have to choose what platform that you use for downloading TLauncher including Windows, Mac and Linux. After choosing one of the platforms, then the download will be proceed.

For your information, this launcher is complete with all the available game versions from the developers and you are able to install one of them even the newest Minecraft 1.15. You are also able to set your own skin which will be visible for all users. The system of skin by no aspects concedes to the official one and even has some advantages including the possibility to set cloaks and HD skins.

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