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You come to this page to find out the recipe of crafting the Research Table in Thaumcraft 6. Of course, you are at the right page now. We are here to give you the ways of making the Research Table.

However, the Research Table is such an important thing that you have to make in Thaumcraft mod 6. Moreover, the Research Table works to gain some new theories that you can research. By doing the research, of course you can find new-breakthrough theory in Thaumcraft. So, you can get more points with it.

Let’s start to craft a Research Table by following these ways below!

The Research Table Recipe

The materials that you will need:

  • Wood Table

This is a block which is added by Thaumcraft 6. The wood is primarily used to craft a Research Table by right-clicking on it with the Scribing Tools. The texture of this wood appears to be made of Greatwood.

  • Scribing Tools

The scribing tools are an item which is added by Thaumcraft 6. The tools are generally used to gain the new Theories on the Research Table. Besides, the scribing tool also can be used to create Celestial Notes alongside Paper in the player’s inventory.

How to Craft Research Table

To create the Wood Table, you will need two planks and three slabs.

  • In the first row, leave it blank
  • In the second row, put three slabs
  • In the third row, put two planks

The wood table automatically will present on the result box. After that, take the wood table and place it in the world.

Next, we will continue to make Scribing Tools. The material that you will need:

  • Three pieces of glass
  • Some ink
  • A feather

To create the scribing tools, you put the material with the right pattern as below!

  • In the first row, you put a piece of glass and feather.
  • In the second row, you put some ink.
  • In the third row, leave it blank.

Combine the materials to get the scribing tools. Now, you can get the scribing tools. After that, place the scribing tools on the table.  Of course, the table automatically will turn to be a research table.

How to Use the Research Table

After you crafted the research table, you surely want to use it to get any theories. Here are the ways to use the research table:

  • First, grab a stack of the papers.
  • Then, place it into the top right.
  • After that, you can play the research minigame.

In this case, the minigame involves creating a theory and to choose between one, two or three different paper options. Anytime, you want to make your choice, you will have a chance to gain the knowledge and one of the Thumbcraft research areas.

Now, do you understand how to craft the Research Table?

If you want to get the tutorial in detail, of course, you can watch some videos from YouTube. They are:

  • A video from candlesan entitled Thaumcraft 6 – Making and using a Research Table shows you a guide of making the research table. This video has been watched more than 10K views. It was published on January 25, 2019. Here is the link:

Now, it is your turn to craft the Research Table and use it well. Good Luck, Dude!

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