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You may wonder to know the term of Research that you can find in Thaumcraft mod. Generally, Research is a core mechanic which was added by Thaumcraft 6. This allows the player to make progress in Thaumcraft.

The Research also works to create the items featured in the Thaumonomicon. Moreover, the players who do not have the appropriate research will not be able to craft or invest the item even if all the necessary components are fulfilled.

How to Research in Thaumcraft

Of course, to research in Thaumcraft, you will need some required materials. Here are they:

Required Materials:

  • Thaumonomicon
  • Thaumometer
  • Research Table
  • Paper
  • Scribing Tools and ink to refill them

Steps to Research in Thaumcraft

Then, to unlock the items and blocks, their respective entries in the Thaumonomicon should be researched. Then, each incomplete Thaumonomicon entry has the list of requirements to complete the current stage. In this case, the common requirements are:

  • Observations and theories of a specific type (consumed)
  • Various items (consumed)
  • Knowledge of a specific aspect
  • Crafting a specific item
  • Other requirements, such as getting hit by a certain damage type, visiting a specific area, etc.

When all required items, theories and observations are gathered. Then, all other requirements are satisfied. You can continue the process of research by clicking on the Complete button. It generally can work to unlock the new items, effects, recipes and many more. Then, if the research entry is marked with the purple clouds, of course, completing it will also give the Wrap to the players.

Need to know that some research entries are hidden. It also requires a specific item or entity to be scanned, a certain event will happen near the player, etc.

For example: The Wrap research entry will be unlocked and completed when the players get the Wrap as the gift for the first time. Then, the most Thaumcraft mobs will have a short entry unlocked when they are scanned.


To research in Thaumcraft, you also need the Curiosities to consume the research cards during theorycrafting to yield a moderate amount of progress. In this case, the Curiosities are the rare items which grant the theories and observations when used.

  • Observations can be obtained by scanning blocks, items and entities with the Thaumometer. The categories and the amount of gained observations are dependent on the aspect composition of the scanned object.
  • Theories can be obtained in the theorycrafting minigame.

Here are the Curiosities:

  • Arcane Curiosity – Auromancy
  • Preserved Curiosity – Alchemy
  • Ancient Curiosity – Golemancy
  • Eldritch Curiosity – Eldritch (grants Warp)
  • Illuminating Curiosity – Arcane Infusion
  • Twisted Curiosity – Artifice
  • Crimson Rites – Eldritch (It grants Warp as a chance of giving a small amount of permanent Warp to the player)
  • Pech Wand – random, it’s not usable in theorycrafting

Well, those are the information that we can give to you about the ways and the items that you will need to research in Thaumcraft. Make sure that you complete the required materials and follow the ways step-by-step.

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