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Various elements of the Thaumcraft 4 world that a lot of objects in the world are made of are called aspects. Aspects are able to be separated into two categories. The first one is primal and the second one is compound. Primal aspects consist of six. Those include Aer, Aqua, Terra, Ignis, Ordo, and Perditio.

Compound aspects are the ones that are combined by two primal and or other compound aspects from a lower tier. In the case that an aspect is created from compound ones of two different tiers, it will always be one tier up than the higher-tiered of the two component aspects.

There are 48 various aspects in the base mod, though mode addons can add more such as Forbidden Magic. Each of them has their own type of Ethereal Essence, Mana Beans, and crystalline forms.

Primal Aspects:

  1. Aer (Air)
  2. Aqua (Water)
  3. Ignis (Fire)
  4. Ordo (Order, Purity, Regularity)
  5. Perdition (Entropy, Destruction, Chaos)
  6. Terra (Earth)

Compound Aspects:

Tier 1:

  1. Gelum: Ignis and Perditio
  2. Lux: Aer and Ignis
  3. Motus: Aer and Ordo
  4. Permutation: Ordo and Perditio
  5. Potential: Ignis and Ordo
  6. Tempestas: Aer and Aqua
  7. Vacuos: Aer and Perditio
  8. Venenum: Aqua and Perditio
  9. Victus: Aqua and Terra
  10. Vitreus: Ordo and Terra

Tier 2:

  1. Bestia: Motus and Victus
  2. Fames: Vacous and Victus
  3. Herba: Terra and Victus
  4. Iter: Terra and Motus
  5. Limus: Aqu and Victus
  6. Metallum: Terra and Vitreus
  7. Mortuus: Perditio and Virtus
  8. Praecantatio: Potentia and Vacous
  9. Sano: Ordo and Virtus
  10. Tenebrae: Light and Vacous
  11. Vinculum: Perditio and Motus
  12. Volatus: Aer and Motus

Tier 3:

  1. Alienis: Vacous and Tenebrae
  2. Arbor: Aer and Herba
  3. Auram: Aer and Praecantatio
  4. Corpus: Bestia and Mortuus
  5. Exanimis: Mortus and Mortuus
  6. Spiritus: Virtus and Mortuus
  7. Vitium: Perditio and Praecantatio

Tier 4:

  1. Cognition: Ignis and Spiritus
  2. Sensus: Aer and Spiritus

Tier 5:

  1. Humanus: Bestia and Cognitio

Tier 6:

  1. Instrumentum: Ordo and Humanus
  2. Lucrum: Fames and Humanus
  3. Messis: Herba and Humanus
  4. Perfodio: Terra and Humanus

Tier 7:

  1. Fabrico: Humanus and Instrumentum
  2. Machina: Motus and Instrumentum
  3. Meto: Instrumentum and Messis
  4. Pannus: Bestia and Instrumentum
  5. Telum: Ignis and Instrumentum
  6. Tutamen: Terra and Instrumentum


  1. Terminus: Alienis and Lucrum

Forbidden Magic:

  1. Infernus: Ignis and Praecantatio
  2. Luxuria: Fames and Corpus
  3. Gula: Vacuos and Fames
  4. Desidia: Vinculum and Spiritus
  5. Ira: Ignis and Telum
  6. Invidia: Fames and Sensus
  7. Superbia: Vacuos and Volatus

GregTeach 5:

  1. Strontio: Cognitio and Perditio
  2. Nebrisum: Lucrum and Perfodio
  3. Electrum: Machina and Potentia
  4. Magneto: Metallum and Iter
  5. Radio: Potentia and Lux

GT ++:

  1. Xenil: Xablum and Xablum
  2. Sagrausten: Xablum and Xablum
  3. Slusium: Xablum and Xablum
  4. Xablum: Xablum and Xablum
  5. Zetralt: Xablum and Auram

Magic Bees:

  1. Tempus: Ordo and Vacous

Thaumic Additions:

  1. Saxum: Terra and Terra
  2. Granum: Victus and Terra

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