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For those who are looking for the Thaumcraft curse spell, there is a thread on Reddit about Thaumcraft 6 combat spells and you and how to melt mobs and tank damage with four stupidly strong spells.

These Thaumcraft curse spells only need an Advanced Focus to work optimally, which is pretty early on in Thaumcraft progression. The uploader usually uses these spells with the Caster’s Gauntlet in the shield slot and a sword in his main hand, but the sword needs to have either no right-click functionally, or otherwise not interfere with the casting. He has tested vanilla swords and Tinker’s Construct Broadswords, and they work. Rapiers, Cleavers, and Longswords usually interfere. He has not tested this with the other swords yet, but you are welcome to experiment.

The first Thaumcraft curse spell is called Emergency Sauce. This one is a super easy spell formula. It is best used in closed combat, where you are able to hold right click and still be engaged in the thing. For more information about the first Thaumcraft curse spell is called Emergency Sauce and the other Thaumcraft curse spell, please visit the forum called Reddit.

Talking about the spell in Thaumcraft, there is a thing called Wand Focus. A wand or staff, but not a scepter, is able to be equipped with any of some wand foci. When you right click the focus-equipped wand, it will activate the special ability or spell.

  • Wand Focus: Fire > This one consumes 0.1 Ignis Vis per tick.
  • Wand Focus: Frost > This one consumes 0.15 Aqua Vis per cast.
  • Wand Focus: Shock > This one consumes 0.1 Aer Vis per tick.
  • Wand Focus: Excavation > This one consumes 0.15 Terra Vis per tick.
  • Wand Focus: Equal Trade > This one consumes 0.07 Ordo and 0.07 Perditio Vis per block.
  • Wand Focus: Portable Hole > This one consumes 0.1 Aer and 0.1 Perditio Vis per cast.
  • Wand Focus: Nine Hells >This one consumes 1 Aer, 2 Ignis, and 1 Perditio Vis per cast.
  • Wand Focus: Pech’s Curse> This one consumes 0.1 Aqua, 0.1 Perditio, and 0.1 Terra Vis per cast.
  • Wand Focus: Primal > This one consumes 0 to 2 of each primal aspect.
  • Wand Focus: Warding > This one consumes 0.1 Aqua, 0.25 Ordo and 0.25 Terra Vis per block.

One of the things in Wand Focus is called Pech’s Curse. The Pech’s Curse is the name of a rare wand focus which is not able to be crafted by the player. This one is only able to be obtained from a Pech Thaumaturge, either by trading, or by killing it for the drop. If attacked, it will use it against you. The vis of it cost pers shot is 0.1 Terra and 0.1 Aqua.

The focus of it fires a small ball of energy with a bright bluish-green trail. The gravity affects the missile, so the shots have to be arched to hit distant targets. When the shot hits a mob, the thing does one heart of damage and randomly inflicts one of a few effects on the target: Weakness, Slowness, or Poison. The 5th-level upgrade to the focus is able to make it give all the effects at once.

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