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Wands Caps are the name of the two main components of making wands (including scepters and staves) and the other being the wand core. Each wand cap starts with 5 nuggets of some metal, crafted in the helmet arrangement. However, the advanced caps need progressively more complex magic to complete them, and the more advanced the caps, the more expensive it is to attach them to a wand.

The option of wand cap does not affect the storage capacity of a wand, but is able to provide a bonus or penalty to all vis costs when using the wand. Each bonus or penalty from caps combine with any other adjustments provided by equipment or the other factors.

A few cap kinds depend on metals from the other mods. For instance, the Copper and Silver caps will only be available or researchable if nuggets of those metals are present in the game.

Copper Cap is the name of an item added by Thaumcraft 4 mod. This one provides 110% Vis cost 9-10% discount) for Aer (air), Aqua (water), Ignis (fire), and Terra (earth). For Ordo (order) and Perditio (entropy), it does not provide a discount.

Item Details:

  • Name: Copper Cap
  • Source Mod: Thaumcraft 4
  • ID Name: Thaumcraft:WandCap:3
  • Type: Item
  • Stackable: Yes (64)

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes

Copper Wand Caps: When iron caps just won’t cut it

Research aspects in this item:

  • Aer (air)
  • Ignis (fire)
  • Metallum
  • Ordo (order)

Thaumonomicon Entry

Copper Cap has similar properties to iron when it is used as a wand cap, but is as efficient as gold when it is used to channel Ordo or Perditio vis.


Copper Cap has no known uses in craftng.

Aside from Copper Cap, there are some other types of wand caps. Here is the table for the wand caps:

Name Material Crafting Vis Cost Infusion Cost
Iron Cap Iron Nugget Worktable
Gold Cap Gold Nugget Arcane Worktable 3 Ordo, 3 Ignis, 3 Aer
Inert Silver Cap Silver Nugget Arcane Worktable 4 Ordo, 4 Ignis, 4 Aer
Charged Silver Cap Silver Nugget Arcane Infusion 4 Auram, 4 Potentia Inert Silver Cap, 2 Salis Mundus
Inert Thaumium Cap Thaumium Nugget Arcane Worktable 6 Ordo, 6 Ignis, 6 Aer
Charged Thaumium Cap Inert Thaumium Cap Arcane Infusion 6 Auram, 12 Potentia Inert Thaumium Cap, 3 Salis Mundus
Inert Void metal Cap Void metal Nugget Arcane Worktable 27 Perditio, 27 Ordo, 18 Ignis, 18 Aer
Charged Void metal Cap Inert Void metal Cap Arcane Infusion 18 Alienis, 18 Auram, 18 Potentia, 18 Vacuos Inert Void metal Cap, 4 Salis Mundus
Inert Manasteel Cap Manasteel Nugget Arcane Worktable 6 Perditio, 6 Ordo, 6 Ignis, 6 Aqua, 6 Terra, 6 Aer
Manasteel Cap Inert Manasteel Cap Mana Infusion 1000 Mana
Inert Elementium Cap Elementium Nugget Arcane Worktable 27 Perditio, 27 Ordo, 27 Ignis, 27 Aqua, 27 Terra, 27 Aer
Elementium Cap Inert Elementium Cap Arcane Infusion 18 Terra, 18 Ignis, 18 Aqua, 18 Aer Inert Elementium Cap, Gaia Spirit, Rune of Water, Rune of Fire, Rune of Earth, Rune of Air
Terrasteel Cap Terrasteel Nuggget Worktable

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