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When you apply the Thaumcraft mod in Minecraft, you surely will find the Thaumcraft Aspects. Do you already know what it is and what is its function for this mod? Certainly, not all Minecraft players really understand the function of the Aspect that you can find in Thaumcraft mod.

Aspects can be mentioned as a mechanic which are added by Thaumcraft 6 for Minecraft 1.12.2. In this case, the Aspects are traits representing various properties and the relations of the object. Generally, most items and mobs have aspects assigned:

  • Items smelted in an Essentia Smeltery will turn into Essentia of those aspects.
  • Monsters killed with a weapon enchanted with Essence Harvester drop Vis Crystal of those aspects.

Where can you find the aspects in Thaumcraft?

You can totally find the aspects of Thaumcraft in a side entry on the left side. Those aspects are listed there. When the aspects appear there, at least, one source of the aspect should be scanned with a Thaumometer. Then, the Essentia of a compound aspect can be processed in an Essentia Centrifuge into its components.

List of Thaumcraft Aspects

The Aspects of Thaumcraft are divided into two types: Primal Aspects and Compound Aspects.

Primal Aspects

  • Aer
  • Terra
  • Ignis
  • Aqua
  • Ordo
  • Perditio

Compound Aspects

Name Components Sources
Vacuos Aer + Perditio Bowl and Bucket
Lux Aer + Ignis Torch
Motus Aer + Ordo Boat
Gelum Ignis + Perditio Snow
Vitreus Terra + Aer Glass Nether Quartz
Metallum Terra + Ordo Iron
Victus Terra + Aqua Milk Apple
Mortuus Aqua + Perditio Skulls and Bones
Potentia Ordo + Ignis Charcoal and Redstone
Permutation Perditio + Ordo Dropper, Dispenser, Hopper, Hopper Cart and Copper
Praecantatio Potentia + Aer Salis Mundus and Arcane Pedestral
Auram Praecantatio + Aer Silverwood (Thaumcraft 6) and  Shimmerleaf (Thaumcraft 6)
Alkimia Praecantatio + Aqua Brewing Stand and Blaze Powder
Vitium Perditio + Praecantati Tainted Blocks, Mycelium and Netherwart
Tenebrae Vacuos + Luc Obsidian
Alienis Vacuos + Tenebrae Ender Pearl
Volatus Aer + Motus Feather
Herba Victus + Terra Plants and Leaves
Instrumentum Metallum + Potentia Tools and Wands
Fabrico Permutatio + Instrumentum Crafting Table
Machina Motus + Instrumentum Doors and Pressure Plates
Vinculum Motus + Perditio Cobweb and Door
Spiritus Victus + Mortuus Soul Sand
Cognitio Ignis + Spiritus Zombie Brains
Sensus Aer + Spiritus Cocoa Beans and Flowers
Aversio Spiritus + Perditio Swords
Praemunio Spiritus + Terra Armor and Leather
Desiderium Spiritus + Vacuos Gold
Exanimis Motus + Mortuus Combie Brains
Bestia Motus + Victus Leather
Humanus Spiritus + Victus Rotten Flesh

You can also find the world generation that consists of flora and ores in Thaumcraft mod. Here is the list of world generation:


  • Greatwood Trees
  • Silverwood Trees
  • Shimmerleaf
  • Cinderpearl
  • Vishroom


  • Air Crystal
  • Fire Crystal
  • Earth Crystal
  • Water Crystal
  • Order Crystal
  • Entropy Crystal
  • Flux Crystal
  • Amber Bearing Stone
  • Cinnabar Ore
  • Quartz Ore

Those are all aspects that you can find in Thaumcraft mod. Of course, you should understand each aspect. However, the aspects can be used as a mechanic if you want to create any objects within the mod.

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