Thaumcraft 1.7.10 Cheat Sheet

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In Thaumcraft 4 for Minecraft version 1.7.10, you totally can find the Cheat Sheet. In Minecraft, cheat means the codes to help the player improve the commands. It means that cheat can be mentioned as the command that you can use to change the world in an instant way.

In Thaumcraft 1.7.10, you also can use the cheat to any purposes of the commands. It may be hard to find the cheat sheet, but you do not have to worry. In this chance, we are going to give you the command but not in the form of a sheet.

Here is the list of Cheat Sheet that you can find in Thaumcraft 4 for Minecraft 1.7.10:

  • /thaumcraft research

This command will work by giving the players Thauminomicon researchers or to take them away. The command is:

/thaumcraft research <player | list> <all | reset | research>

For the first section above is where you can put a list of players that you want to affect with this command. Note: Separate the players’ names with commas OR spaces.

Then, the next section is where you decide what research you give them. You can typy in “all” to give the player all research. Then, typing in “reset” to take away the player’s researchers. After that, typing in the name of the research to give the player for the specific research.

For example: /thaumcraft research AllenY,Jenkins,Myfaec all

You can also give the commands list for all names of the installed research that can be helpful to give only one specific research to the player. Here is the command: /thaumcraft research list

  • /thaumcraft aspect

This command can give the players research points.

/thaumcraft aspect <player> <aspect | all> <amount>

In the first section, you can type one player’s name. In the second section, you can write down the name of the aspects you are giving them OR. Then, type in “all” to give them all of the aspects at once. For the last section, you can type the amount of the points you will give to the player.

For example: /thaumcraft aspect @p ordo 100

  • /thaumcraft warp

This command sets a person’s warp level.

/thaumcraft warp <player> <add | set> <amount> < PERM | TEMP >

In the first section, you can type the name of one player. The second section is where you can type set or add. Set means set the player’s wrap and add means you can add the amount of the wrap to the already existing level. For the last section, you can type the amount of the wrap. Then, you can add the tag PERM at the end or TEMP to change the temporary or permanent wrap.

For example:

/tc warp <player> set 0 TEMP

/tc warp <player> set 0

/tc warp <player> set 0 PERM

  • /give for Thaumcraft items

Here is the command to give the items in Thaumcraft:

/give @p Thaumcraft:BlockJarNodeItem 1 0 {nodetype:0, nodemod:0,



 {amount:100,key:”perditio”}], nodeid: “0:0:0:0”}

This command actually will spawn a Normal Bright node with 100 of each primal aspect, but it can be adjusted for the other values or node types as below!

For nodetype:

  • 0 is Normal
  • 1 is Unstable
  • 2 is Sinister
  • 3 is Tainted
  • 4 is Hungry
  • 5 is Pure.

For nodemod:

  • 0 is Bright
  • 1 is Pale
  • 2 is Fading

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