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Gears 5 is launching with a few pretty cool cross-promotional DLC, and the good news is that it is 100% free. Keep in mind that you cannot just grab a copy of the game from the used bin a few years from now and load it up. Instead, you will need to follow a few key steps in order to get the cool Terminator Dark Fate DLC. Here is a quick rundown of how to get the Terminator in Gears 5.

Actually, it is not just the Terminator that has featured in this DLC. For those who qualify, you will also get a Sarah Connor skin, as well as a couple of other bonuses. So, you clearly want to make sure to get this, if you are a fan of the long running series. How to do so? The only way is to pre-order the game. As is typical of free DLC these days, it is only free to those who pre-order the game digitally or through the retail. Doing wo will get you a code that you are able to enter to get the content. If you do not want to do that though, there is another way.

Game Pass, the game subscription server of Microsoft, will also allow players to get the Terminator at no additional charge. Those who download and play Gears 5 on an active Game Pass subscription within the first week of release will get the Terminator Dark Fate DLC added for free. It means you have to download and play the game before September 16th to qualify, so make sure to do so if you want the DLC.

That is how to get the Terminator in Gears 5. Once you have the character, you should be able to change to him or Sarah Connor using the same method as the other ones. If you are playing solo in Story Mode in Gears 5, you are going to have to play as a specific character for each of the acts in the game. Depending on the Act and the Chapter you cannot change your character. However, for those who are playing cooperatively you will have the option to select either the main character, secondary one, or Jack/Dave.

In order to change your character in versus, it is going to depend on which mode you are playing. If you choose quickplay you are able to change your character immediately by pressing the X button on the Xbox One controller once you are in the Quickplay menu. From this, you are able to change your COG and Swarm characters. If you are playing Ranked you will have to change the characters during the matchmaking sequence by pressing the A button when you have your character highlighted. You are able to choose your COG and Swarm character here by pressing the Show X Character button on the right side of the screen.

If you want to change your character in Hive you are able to do so once you have started matchmaking. Please press A to start your match and you are then able to press the X too select characters.

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