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Do you need a texture pack for your Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). If so, you may be confused about what the texture pack that you are able to use for it. However, since you have come to this site, then we are able to inform you about it.

Have you ever heard about Sphax Pure 128×128? Well, this is one of the best HD texture packs that you are able to use for Minecraft PE. This texture pack will be able to update everything including the aquatic world and also it will replace most of the standard sounds. In the world animation, high expansion will immerse you with it because the primary direction of this texture pack is cartoon.

You are able to use these textures for anything such as home and interior decoration, survival, adventure or when you are playing on multiplayer servers. There are a lot of updated blockas, mobs and armor which will be able to change your understanding of the Minecraft that you usually see.

For the appearance of armor, you may also be able to say that they look very good and made under the cartoon theme. Armor, tools and weapons are drawn in such a way that you get the maximum amount of positive emotions from the gameplay which is updated.

With this texture pack, you will be able to have more materials and decorative blocks to be able to use it for a new purpose. Do you often mine ore? If so, now when you search for diamonds, you will be able to feel the most updated HD textures of precious ores.

It has updated a huge number of models for mobs and now their faces have been more realistic and frightening for monsters and more cute for animals and pets. Here are the features of this texture pack.

  • It is able to work on 1.15 – 1.2 versions.
  • There are new Sounds.
  • There are new Blocks.
  • There is a new Environment.
  • There are new Items.
  • There is a new UI.
  • There are new Banners.
  • There are new Mobs.
  • There are new Armor and Weapons.

If you are interested in this texture pack, then you are able to download  it. If you have downloaded it, then you have to install it. Do you know how to install this texture pack? If you want to install this texture pack, of course you have to make sure that you have downloaded the resource pack. After that, you have to open the downloaded pack and it will open the game and start prompting. Now, you have to go to the game settings and then in the Global Resources, you have to activate the new Texture Pack.

For your information, Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) was the former name of Bedrock Edition which was developed by Mojang Studios for mobile phones. Now, the version of the Pocket Edition is 1.16.20.

If you need more information about Minecraft, you are able to read other articles on this site. Thank you for coming to this site and good luck!

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