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When you decide to use a certain Minecraft mod, you surely will be looking for the guides within the mod. However, the guides will be needed to make the players more understanding when using the mod.

If you are starting to use any mod in Minecraft, of course, you want to get the quick progress of the mod work. However, the goal of using the new mod in Minecraft is to make the game more inviting and gorgeous to look.

In this case, to make it better visual and performance quickly, you will need some commands that can respond in Minecraft. By giving the commands in the game through the mod you choose, you certainly can get based on the command that you need.

In Minecraft, you have probably ever heard the mod named SevTech.  This mod is a massive modpack packed with progression and content. The SevTech: Ages mod focuses on providing the player a long term progression experience with certain goals. Moreover, SevTech introduces a number of mechanics never before done.

They are dynamically hidden items, hiding ore until unlocked, new mobs come as you progress further and much more and recipes based on the progress.

The SevTech modpack totally uses the vanilla advancement system to lead the player along while allowing an open and sandbox experience. Then, when you have progress through the hundreds of custom advancements, you will automatically unlock new ages that will show you some new mods to work through.

As we have explained above, to advance the performance in Minecraft game, of course, you will need some useful commands that can lead you to get what you want to advance within this mod.

Because you are coming to this page to know the advancement command, we surely do not want to make you disappointed. We are here to give you the advancement commands and other commands in SevTech: Ages modpack that you may need soon.

Here are some commands to advance in SecTech mod:

  • Advancement Command

As we know that the Progress of the advancements in SevTech or other mods sometimes can be lost or bugged. Of course, to give someone certain advancements in SevTech mod, you are able to use use the following (vanilla!) commands below:

advancement <grant|revoke> <player> <until|from|through> <advancement>

For example:

/advancement grant Darkosto from triumph:stage3/root

For granting all the advancements and all the stages, you can use this command:

/advancement grant <player> everything

  • Pre-generate Dimension Command

To fix the lag issue of the world generation (for example in The Twilight Forest), you totally can pre-generate dimensions with a forge command below.

/forge gen <x> <y> <z> <chunks> <dimensionid> <delay>

For example: /forge gen ~ ~ ~ 5000 7 20

  • Retrieve your grave Command

You can use this command to retrieve your grave and the contents.

For versions 3.0.8 and lower: /tmg_restore <player> latest

For versions 3.1.0 and higher: /tbrestoreinventory [<player>]

  • Teleport Commands

Vanilla Command (no dimension support):

/tp [<target player>] (<destination player>|<x> <y> <z> [<yaw> <pitch>])

Corails Tombstone Command (with dimension support):

/tbteleport [<target player>] (<destination player>|<x> <y> <z> [<dim>]

  • Change Server Difficulty Commands

/difficulty <level>

For example: /difficulty 0]

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