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Are you looking for the list of advancements on SevTech Minecraft modpack? If so, of course, you are at the right page now. However, we are here to give a list of advancement lists that probably will help you to use the mod of SevTech in Minecraft.

Then, what are the advancements on SevTech modpack?

Advancements in SevTech modpack are the major form of the progression. They totally guide the player through the game. Moreover, some advancements will be obtained regardless of whether or not the Advancement is required.

The advancements in SevTech modpack are generally gaining the materials or the technologies for any purposes of advancing through Ages.

In this case, the age of the player is to represent how far along they have progressed within this mod. Of course, the different items in advancements and mobs may appear based on which Age the player is in.

Advancement List on SevTech Ages Modpack

Well, here is a list of advancement that you can find on SevTech Minecraft modpack!

Ages Advancements List

Age Number Age Name Next Age Trigger
0 Tutorial Age Craft a Work Stump
0.5 Stone Age Craft a Tinkers’ Complement Melter
1 Bronze Age To Transform the Crafting Table into the  Luminous Crafting Table
2 Medieval Age Craft a Coal Engine
3 Industrial Age Craft a Plastic Molder
4 Modern Age Launch a Rocket and land on the Moon
5 Futuristic Age Craft a creative ingot
5.5 Creative Age Final Age

Tutorial  Items list in Advancement List

Stone Granite  Diorite Andesite
Dirt Coarse Dirt Podzol Cobblestone
Oak Wood Planks Spruce Wood Planks Jungle Wood Planks Birch Wood Planks
Acacia Wood Planks Dark Oak Wood Planks Sand Red Sand
Gravel Oak Wood Spruce Wood Birch Wood
Jungle Wood Acacia Wood Dark Oak Wood Snow
Clay (Block) Pumpkin Melon (Block) Bone Block
Oak Sapling Spruce Sapling Birch Sapling Jungle Sapling
Acacia Sapling Dark Oak Sapling Dandelion Poppy
Cactus Lilly Pad Apple Stick
Feather Wheat Flint Raw Porkchop
Cooked Porkchop Snowball Clay Egg
Raw Fish Raw Salmon Cooked Fish Cooked Salmon
Ink Sack Bone Melon Raw Beef
Cooked Beef Raw Chicken Cooked Chicken Carrot
Potato Baked Potato Poisonous Potato Raw Rabbit
Cooked Rabbit Raw Mutton Cooked Mutton Beetroot

Antique Atlas

Better with Mods

  • Mystery Meat
  • Cooked Mystery Meat


  • Bassalt
  • Limestone
  • Marble


  • Sleeping Mat

Horse Powder

  • Chopping Block

Immersive Craft

  • Stone
  • Chest

Pickle Tweaks

  • Grass
  • Fiber
  • Mesh

Primal Core

Flaked Bone Flaked Bone Point Sharp Bone Flaked Bone
Flaked Flint Cooked Clownfish Plant Fiber Flaked Flint
Cooked Pufferfish Boiled Potato Plant Twine Cooked Pufferfish
Flint Pickaxe Flint Hatchet Flint Work Blade Flint Pickaxe

Progression Tweaks

  • Spear
  • Flat Bread
  • Tomahawk
  • Fire Fit
  • Rock Hammer


  • Slate
  • Olive Wood
  • Iron Wood
  • Olive Sapling
  • Ironwood Sapling
  • Wildberry Bush
  • Apple Sapling
  • Wildberries

Death Compass

  • Death Compass

Primal Tech

  • Un-Lit Fiber Torch
  • Lit Fiber Torch
  • Work Stump
  • Whittled Fire Sticks
  • Crafting Rock
  • Wood Club
  • Bone Club
  • Stone Club

Now, you already know the list of advancements that you can find on SevTech Ages modpack in Minecraft.

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