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If you are looking for SCP Foundation Map MCPE, you are able to find it on the MCPEDL site. There, you will be able to find SCP Foundation Universe. When you access the MCPEDL site, you will be able to see that there is a warning.

In the warning, it says that when you use the map, severe lag happens when SCP is breached or staff moves more. Also, it will depend a lot on the device performance. However, if you wander around the facility, basically there is no lag. If you want to get advanced play, it is recommended for you to use a PC such as Windows (high performance).

Before you download and enjoy this map, it is better for you to watch the video trailer of this map. You are able to watch it on Youtube in the Youtube channel of LC Studios. The title of the video is SCP Foundation Universe Trailer [Minecraft BE/PE Map] which was uploaded on June 11th, 2020. The duration of this video is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Now, it has been watched more than 18k times with more than 200 likes.

If you want to get this map, you are able to access MCPEDL site and then find an article about SCP Universe. After that, on that page, you have to scroll down to find the Download link. There, you will find two types of links including SCP Foundation Universe By LC Studios (mcworld) and SCP Foundation Universe By LC Studios (zip). When you find the Download links, you can press to one of them. If you downloaded the .zip file, you have to unzip the file and then you need to import it manually into minecraftWorlds in your Minecraft folder. If you downloaded the .mcworld file, you have to import the file into Minecraft manually. If you have done a manual import into Minecraft, you have to click to install.

Talking about SCP Map, in the Google Play Store, you are able to find S.C.P Map MCPE. This map is a recreation of the S.C.P seed and it was ported from PC to MCPE. However, it is important for you to know that this map is an unofficial application for MCPE. It is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. This map was last updated on August 18th, 2020. The size of this map is 26M and it has been installed more than 50k times. This is the 1.6 version and you need android 4.2 or higher to be able to download this map. Rating that is obtained by this map in Google Play Store is 3.9.

Well, if you are interested in these maps, you are able to download them. Then, if you find some difficulties when you try to download, install or use them, you are able to contact the developer. Or, you are able to visit some forums and ask others about what you want to ask there. If you need some other information about Minecraft, its mods and more, you are able to read other articles on this site.

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