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If you are a fan of SCP Foundation, you may want to enjoy it in Minecraft. If you want to enjoy it in Minecraft, it means that you need an add-on to install. There is SCP Foundation addon by BendyTheDamon18 and you are able to download this add on to enjoy SCP Foundation world.

You may wonder the features that you are able to receive from this add on. The first one is various mobs which have their own ability. What mobs are they? We give you a list of some mobs that you can find in this add on.

  • SCP-173. This is a very basic mob which is hostile and you are not able to move if it is looked at by this mob. This mob will attack you by snapping. You are able to use a diamond pickaxe long to be able to remove this mob.
  • SCP-049. This mob is also called Plague Doctor. This mob will be able to infect villagers and turn them into zombies. This mob will give a Wither effect. It will turn the human mob into SCP-049-2 (zombie). As a player, you are also able to give the red flower for this mob so that he will be docile for 30 seconds.
  • SCP-682. This mob is a hostile mob. It will be able to kill anything if it’s different kinds. This mob is hard to destroy.
  • SCP-053. This mob is a little girl but it will give you a heart attack if coming close. This mob will follow any mob in its eyesight and you will be able to die if you hit this mob.
  • SCP-939. This mob is able to eat any animal and humanoid. Specifically, this mob has an ability to imitate any mob sound. If it hurts, it will make a very loud noise. If you are in the sneaking mod, this mob will not attack.

Besides mobs, you are also able to find items. There are 7 types of items and also 3 SCP items.

  • Door Rotator. You can use the door to rotate them.
  • Pizza slice. You can get it from trading with Scientists, Researcher, and SCP-458pizza box.
  • P90, P90 Ammo, Empty P90. You are able to get them from trading with scientists.
  • Keycard-1. You are able to use it on the Containment door, there is only one at the moment, but it will have more in the future.
  • You will be protected from the effect of SCP-053 for a period of time.

How about blocks and doors? You are able to find them. Here is a list of blocks and doors.

  • Door. There are 2 types of the door and they can be by both the player and the human.
  • Sliding Door. You are able to hit at the bottom of it to open and close.
  • Heavy Door. It can only be opened by the controller.
  • Containment Door. You are able to open it by using Keycard-1, used for the containment chamber.

There are still more things that you are able to find in this add on. If you are curious of the amazement that you will get from this addon, just download it and see how it is.

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