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Did you think there will never be a similar remake of SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map on Minecraft Bedrock? If the answer to the question is yes, then you are wrong. This one is a discontinued map created using only vanilla commands and redstone, with the resource pack of the creator (with only sounds and textures).

Apparently, a new map is being developed, with the improvements in each aspect. This one is a recreation of SCP Containment Breach map seed 9zkmiqf. Since this map is a discontinued map, you are asked to not report the bugs. There are a few new areas which do not work properly or at all.

Please take a note that you must re-download the map in order to reset it.

  • The resource pack is located in the .mcworld file.
  • SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map works on most if not all Bedrock platforms (MCPE, Windows 10, Xbox and so on), but how well it works depends on how good your device is.
  • Significant lag reduction since the last version.


You are not allowed to re-upload SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map anywhere else. You may use this one for anything you want such as recording videos, adapting it, and so on, but you must credit the creator and put a link to his Youtube channel. SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map is being completely re-made, the creator hopes all the content stealing will stop, and that people actually give the appropriate credit. If it does not, the creator will not release anything.

There are some precautions when playing SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map. First, right clicking or pressing directly in front of you may place the item you are holding onto an invisible armor stand used for SCP-173’s look detection. This one only activates when near SCP-173. Second, do not throw blinks, save, or save and quit too close to a wall, they will not work.

SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map has several features. Here is the list of the SCP Containment Breach Minecraft Map features:

  • Most details of the intro sequence
  • Light Containment Zone
  • SCP-173
  • SCP-049
  • SCP-106
  • SCP-914 9only keycard upgrades, with chances)
  • SCP-966
  • SCP-939
  • SCP-096 (not within playable area)
  • SCP-1499


The creator has discontinued this map quite a while ago, but he has decided to just release the version he had before he discontinues it. A new one is being developed by a team he has created called Scizzor Studios.

Changelog for v0.7:

  • Added quite a lot more HCZ
  • Added working SCP-096 made using commands.
  • A few bug fixes but a lot of new bugs exist that will not be fixed.
  • Random map improvements in detail and functionality (music, events, and so on).


In order to install it, the first thing that you have to do is to click one of the links provided in the site named MCPEDL. After you have downloaded the .mcworld file, please open it with Minecraft. You do not have to access any Minecraft folders as Minecraft will automatically import the .mcworld file. You need to check out the tutorials of MCPEDL for the specifics.

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