Respawn Anchor Crafting Recipe

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Crafting in Minecraft is a basic gameplay that you mostly will do when playing Minecraft. However, if you decide to play Minecraft, so, you will be offered to craft any Minecraft objects that you will need to play the game. Of course, crafting in Minecraft can be mentioned as one of the basic goals of Minecraft.

You already know that there are tons of objects that you can craft using certain material in a recipe. Of course, you can find different recipes to make different objects too. But, you by chance will also use the same material in a certain recipe to make an object.

So, what is the recipe that you will need to craft Respawn Anchor?

You may be interested to craft the Respawn Anchor in which it will allow the players to set their spawn point in the Nether. This is a new additional block added to Minecraft. So, if you are really interested to craft Respwan Anchor, here, we give you the recipe to make it in the below!

The Recipe of Crafting Respawn Anchor

To craft Respawn Anchor, the players will need:

  • 3*3 crafting grid
  • 6 blocks of crying obsidian that can be acquired from Nether.
  • 3 blocks of glowstone

When the players have three main materials, of course, they can craft it soon.

  • In the Top Row

To craft the Respawn Anchor, you have to place 3 blocks of crying obsidian of 3*3 crafting grid.

  • In the Middle Row

You should place 3 blocks of glowstone of 3*3 crafting grid.

  • In the Lower Row

In this row, you need to place 3 blocks of crying obsidian of 3*3 crafting grid.

Well, you can totally craft the Respawn Anchor in Minecraft by placing blocks that you can do in the format above.

Moreover, the Respawn anchors can be obtained by using any pickaxe or diamond tier. Then, in Bedrock Edition, the Silk Touch enchant can run on a Respawn Anchor.

As the purpose of the Respawn Anchor, it can be used to respawn the player in the Nether even if the player leaves the Nether.

Then, when you use a glowstone block, absolutely the texture of the block will change. Then, it starts to emit the light level of 3. Four glowstone blocks also can be used to charge the anchor. Each additional piece of the glowstone will increase the light level by four to maximum of 15.

After that, when the Glowstone blocks are charged, it automatically can be used to set the player’s spawn. Of course, each time the players die, absolutely they will respawn next to the anchor.

But, if the players’ respawn anchor is destroyed by other players or has been exhausted or the area is not suitable to respawn, of course there is a message that says “You have no home bed or charged respawn anchor, or it was obstructed”.

Then, if you get it, what can you do? Of course, you can respawn at the world spawn point and return through an end portal as a respawn. Then, this way totally depletes a charge at all.

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