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Do you miss playing Pac Man? Pac Man is a popular game in the past where you have to control the direction of Pac Man who eat dots in the maze. If you want to play it, you still can play it since the game still available. But, how about playing in on Minecraft? Can you imagine the Pac Man maze on Minecraft?

Pac Man is celebrating 40th birthday and to mark this special milestone, Minecraft releases the new Pac Man DLC in the Marketplace. There, you are able to unlock new power ups and avoid ghosts when you make your way through the 3d mazes. If you have played through all ten stages, then you are able to build your own maze. You will get a lot of fun here. Even, you are able to challenge your friends. You are able to find the new Pac Man DLC in the Marketplace of Minecraft.

In this Pac Man DLC, you will find 10 Pac-Man-style mazes and the yellow guy himself as a playable character. As explained earlier that you are also able to create your own mazes if you have completed the ten mazes offered by the developers. When you make your way through each maze, expect a lot of corner turning and several ghosts to dodge. Minecraft is available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC right now, with the Pac-Man DLC available for newer hardware.

By adding Pac-Man to the Minecraft, his enemies must make an appearance. Fans who download the anniversary DLC will recognize the roster of ghosts like Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, though the package offers a special new ghost that Minecraft fans will delight in. Pac-Man has been in the gaming industry for 40 years now and making Pac Man to be in Minecraft is the way of Minecraft to  celebrate the anniversary of Pac Man.

How about the mazes in Minecraft Pac Man? The ten unique mazes which are offered with the Pac-Man Minecraft DLC will provide you with some hours of gameplay. It turns the typical building and survival elements of Minecraft into more of a puzzle experience.

If you have never seen the videos about Minecraft Pac Man, you are able to see the trailer and review on Youtube. Here are some of the videos that you are able to watch.

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If you are curious with it, you are able to get this Pac Man Minecraft and explore it.

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