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What do you know about NameMC site? In this site, you are able to find Minecraft skins, servers and also names. Even in that site, you are also able to find Minecraft capes. Now, how about editing activity? Can we do that there?

NameMC site can be accessed at If you are looking for some skins that you want, you are able to try to find it there. In the top menu, you are able to find Top Minecraft Skins. Just click on it and then you will be directed to a skins page. There you will see the top of Minecraft skins. But, if then you want to see the new Minecraft skins, you have to click on New next to Top button at the top of skins results. If you search certain skins, you have to click on Tagged and then in the tagged skins page, you will see some options of tags and just click on the tags that you are looking for such as girl, boy, blue hair, anime and many more.

Now, how about editing skins in the site? When you are in the skin page, in the Top Minecraft Skins page for example, you are able to click on one of the skins that you like. After clicking on it, you will be in the page of the skin. In that page, you are able to download it, render or even apply it. In the bottom right corner, you will also see the amount of people who make the skin as their favorite. In the right side of the skin, you are able to see there are tools that you are able to use for editing the skins. But, as you are able to see, there are not many tools there. The tools are Greyscale, Invert, Rotate Hue 180 degree, Rotate Head Left, and Rotate Head Right. If you have edited that, then you can download it or apply it to your skin in Minecraft.

If you click on Apply button under the skin, then you have to log in to your Minecraft account by entering your e-mail and password. After entering them, then do not forget to hit the green Log In button. As you can see that the use of the site is very easy. The appearance of the site is very simple so that everyone can access and use the site.

For your information, skins in Minecraft is the texture which is placed onto a player model or mob. You are able to change skin of your character in Minecraft if you have bought Minecraft. It can be done on the Profile page by uploading a valid .png image file which then it will replace the default skin of your character in the game. You are able to make your own skin since a custom skin is s good way to personalize the model of the player and it can be done by using a variety of community-made skin editors or you can do that by editing the char.png file of Minecraft manually.

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