Multiplayer Minecraft Maps 1.15

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What maps do you want to play in Minecraft? Do you want to play multiplayer Minecraft maps 1.15? If you want to play it, there are some multiplayer maps of Minecraft 1.15 that you are able to download and play.

There are some multiplayer Minecraft maps 1.15 that you are able to play and here they are.

Tricraft 2

In this map, you are able to come and explore the three wonder of Tricraft in a sequel map. You must parkour, search, and also recall to be able to be victorious. In this map, you will also find minor jumpscares so if you have a heart condition, you need to be careful. Here are several things that you need to know about this map.

  • It is compatible for multiplayer.
  • All jumps are possible since the map has been tested.
  • Two endings are available there and you can look for secret areas.
  • All trivia is based off of 1.15.2.
  • 3 tick delay is available when you cancel transport to a section.
  • All button presses are possible as well.
  • It is best for you not to cheat when doing parkour.

This map is created by Theswagunicorn and you are able to download it if you are curious with the map.


This map is a 1.15 parkour map. In this map, you will be forced to make fast pace decisions while you are traversing through a lot of biomes of the 43 stages. If then you stop sprinting, hitting a wall, touching water or crouching, you will be killed and you will be sent back to the previous checkpoint. In case you are able to manage to complete the map, there are options to re-complete the map while challenging yourself further like playing with no checkpoints or with no speed on. This map offers hours of gameplay trying to complete the challenging levels. Also, it is a multiplayer friendly map. This map is created by JASPR and you are able access the map if you want.

That’s all the multiplayer Minecraft maps 1.15. You may also want to play other multiplayer Minecraft maps. One of them is Dome Survival which is created by XXROMANKINGXX. In this map, you are trapped in the middle of a void. You will be required to survive in the last two parts of Earth, two domes with very limited supplies. When you play this map, you have to play in normal or higher. You are able to use OptiFine and set your render distance to. Do not break the dome and do not leave the dome. Also, make sure that you do not cheat.

Dimension Jumpers is another multiplayer map that you are able to download and play. This map is created by Eccentric Emerald and it was made for a competition being hosted by PopularMMOs but it can be played by anyone. In this map, you have mission to travel through each of the dimensions in the multiverse and unite the 5 eternity fragments to be able to create the eternity stone.

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