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Monster spawners, which are also more known as mob spawners, refer to unique blocks with a transparent, black, cage-like, lattice structure that are able to be found in various locations. They contain a fire which does not give off actual light, inside of which, the certain mob the spawner creates spins.

A spawner makes mobs on a timed delay, during which the mob inside will start spinning faster and a burst of fire inside itself until the next mob spawns. Aside from that, the mobs spawners are usually surrounded by either one or two chests. When you play on Peaceful however, the mob will spawn and subsequently disappear, a fraction of a second after spawning.

Monster spawner types:

  • Spider
  • Cave spider
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie
  • Silverfish
  • Blaze


  • Zombie spawners are the most popular and found in dungeons.
  • Spider and skeleton spawners are also quite common, also found in dungeons.
  • Cave spider spawners are only able to be found in abandoned Mine shafts.
  • Silverfish spawners are only located in the End Portal rooms in strongholds.
  • Blaze spawners are only placed in the Nether inside strongholds. In fact, they are only one found in the Nether.
  • The only method to get the monster spawners is in 1.8. You need to type in the chat box /give [PLAYERNAME] mob_spawner [AMOUNT]. It will give you a spawner. Usually, it is a pig spawner, but you are able to change it by taking a spawn egg and right clicking it. it will customize it to any mob that has a spawn egg.

The texture pack called X-ray is great for you to see mobs, caves, lava, spawners, and so on.

Step 1: What you need

What you need is 1 piston, 1 block of TNT, 1 level, 1 night vision, and 2 blocks of your choice.

Step 2: What you do

The first thing that you have to do is to drink your night vision, dig down and make a hole 3×2 a 2 high. Then, place your 2 blocks at one side of the room, place the level piston and TNT and then get behind the TNT and pull the level. It is amazing what you are able to see.

For those who want to install X-ray texture packs, please follow these following instructions and do not skip anything. First, make sure you have Optifine installed and working properly. Second, download the texture pack called X-ray and leave it archived. There are a lot of places that you can visit to get it. Third, launch Minecraft, go to Settings. Fourth, in the Resource Packs section, select the Open resource pack folder. Fifth, the resource pack folder will open, please copy the archive there. Sixth, after copying, the texture will appear in the section of available packages. You need to click on it if you want to move to the Selected Resource Packs section. Seventh, start a new game or load an old one. In the end, textures will appear in all saves.

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