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Survival refers to one of the main game modes in Minecraft. Each player has to collect resources, battle mobs, build structures, eat, and explore the world in the effort to thrive and survive. In the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, they may receive achievements in a world not set to Flat while playing Survival mode with cheats off, add ons off, and host privileges off.

If one creates a world in Creative mode and then loads it in the Survival mode, the player cannot gain achievements in that world. In Minecraft Survival, the main purpose is to survive, explore, build a house, and have fun. Aside from that, there is also an optional goal in this mode, which is to defeat the Ender Dragon and the Wither.

For those who want to play on Survival mode, you can join into one of the most popular servers of Minecraft called MineSuperior. To experts playing this on this mode in this server, it is better for you to know the MineSuperior Survival commands. Here is the list of MineSuperior Survival commands that you have to understand.

  • /rtp: This one can be used to teleport you randomly into wilderness.
  • /sethome: This one can be used to set your home location that could be accessed using /home.
  • /setwarp (warp name): This one can be used to create a custom warp that can be used by other players like your shop.
  • /warp: This one can be used to list up all the useful warp commands.
  • /pay (player) (amount): This one can be used to give other players your money useful for buying items.
  • /ah: This one can be used to open up the auction house GUI which u could buy items listed by other players without going to their shop.
  • /shop: This one can be used to open up the server shop GUI.
  • /ach: This one can be used to open up the achievements u could do to earn prizes including claim blocks and black market coins.
  • /warp farm and /warp zoo: This one can be used for free food.
  • /msg (player) (message): This one can be used to send a private message which could only be seen by you and the player u send it too.
  • /r (message): This one can be used to reply to a private message someone sent to you.
  • /rankup: This one can be used to increase your rank to get more perks (/warp playerranks to see the perks).
  • /ignore (player): This one can be used if someone is annoying you. You could simply do the command to mute the player and you will never see the player chats again.
  • /motd: This one can be used for the server to send you a message that includes links to access MineSuperior media.
  • /kit claim: This one can be used to get your land claiming tools and use the grief prevention plugin.

For more information about the MineSuperior Survival commands, please visit the forum of MineSuperior. You can just go to the part of Survival and you will be able to see the information about MineSuperior Survival commands.

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