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A lot of people in the community are wondering how to make a MineSuperior chest shop. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place as this page contains the answer to your question in deep detail and show you tips on how to write up signs quickly. The guide is divided into two sections. The first one is how to create a chest shop and the second one is how to use a chest shop.

So, how to create a chest shop? The method to create a chest shop is really simple. In order to start, you need to place a chest or double chest in the location that you want to have your chest shop, Shift, and right click on the chest while holding a sign to place a sign on the chest and edit the sign. Please go over each line quickly.

The first one is the one where you put your IGN or in-game name. You can just type your name on the sign and press Enter to go to the next one. In case our IGN is too long to fit on the sign, you can just type as much as you can. Do not worry as the server will detect it’s name. The first line is not CaSe SeNsiTiVe either, meaning that you are able to put capital letters wherever you want in your name and it will fix it correctly and show your name with the proper capitals. For example, there is IGN MTanimations. All of the following will work on the sign and will fix it to the right capitals and spelling, MTanimaTIOns, MTanimati, MT).

The second one is where you put the amount you are selling. You can just type the number using numerical characters, not words. The number here is the one the player will buy or sell at a time, not the amount of items in the chest.

The third one is where you put the price of the item you are selling or buying. The first thing that you have to know is how to sell and buy items, start off with a B or an S. These two determine if you are selling or buying items. Then, price your item. Many beginners put in 1000000 for their amount. There is a way to write a higher amount of the small space on the sign. You can use an E-system. This one basically works like the scientific notation, where 10,000,000 can be written as 1×10^6 except that you change x10^ with E so that you get 1E6. It tells the shop that it is 1 million dollars. In the end, you need to have either B1E6 or S1E6.

The fourth one is where you put the name or ID of the item. You can just simply put the name of the item on this line. If it is too long or if you like IDs better than just the ID of the item, the ID is found while holding the item in your hand and typing </iterminfo>.

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