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Voting is a plugin in any growing Minecraft server. If you want to set up Votifier along with VotingPlugin on your server, you are able to do the following steps.

You require 2 plugins to setup voting:

  • NuVotifier.
  • VotingPlugin.

After install the plugins above, you are able to follow these steps below:

  1. Please head over to the Open ports tab on your control panel.
  2. Choose any port which is of the type CUSTOM.
  3. Now, you are able to return to your SMpicnic Control Panel and enter your File Manager. Once in, choose the plugins folder.
  4. After that, you have to navigate and enter the Votifier folder. If you cannot see this, you are able to restart your server to generate the folder. Please open config.yml by double clicking on it or choosing the file and Edit on the menu.
  5. The host setting must be modified to host: This makes sure that Votifier is going to bind to your server’s address.
  6. The port 8192 line required to be changed to your CUSTOM port that you had chosen in step 2. In our case, we change port: 8192 to our chosen custom port: port: 18518.
  7. These are the only lines that h we have to change. Now, the votifier configuration is complete. You will be able to click Save, this must redirect you to the Votifier folder. Do not exit yet as you need to copy one more thing.
  8. In this step, you are able to click on the rsa folder. You will be able to see 2 files, private.key and public.key. Please open the public.key file.
  9. Upon opening the file you are going to see a long line of random words and numbers, simply you are able to copy everything inside and paste it in an empty notepad file as will be using it for later.
  10. Then, you have to go ahead and restart your server. When the server has fully started up, in a new tab open up your server console discovered on the control panel.
  11. Afterwards, you have to hit the Send test vote and you are going to be prompted if the vote was successful. Also, you are able to go over to your console in the other tab.
  12. Now, you have successfully set up NuVotifier. You will be able to edit the rewards per site by heading over to File Manager and navigate to the plugins folder. Finally the VotingPlugin folder. Here you are able to open up to edit VoteSites.yml.
  13. You are able to set up each votesite manually by registering your server on sites. Also, you are able to set each reward per site.
  14. This currently setup site is going to reward the player with $1000 and send him a message saying “Thanks for voting on MinecraftServersBiz” once he votes for the server. You may reward the player with anything you want as well as run commands for other plugins.
  15. Congratulations! Voting is set up on your server now.

Here are some voting websites that you can sign up to:

  • https://planetminecraft.com/
  • https://minecraftservers.biz/
  • https://minecraftservers.org/
  • https://minecraftlist.org/
  • https://topminecraftservers.org/
  • https://minecraft-tracker.com/
  • https://minecraft-server.net/
  • https://topg.org/
  • https://minecraft-mp.com/

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