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What mod do you want to use in Minecraft? As you know that there are a lot of mods that can change your worlds in Minecraft. How about The Aether Mod 1.12.2? Do you want to install it? Here, we will inform you about this mod. The features, how to download and some other information about it.

As usual, you are able to get mods in CurseForge. There, you are also able to find the Aether mod. When this article was being created, this mod had been downloaded more than 5 million times and the last update was on April 14th, 2019. The game version for it is 1.12.2 and the size of this mod is 13.47 MB.

So, what can we enjoy in this mod? Well, in this mod, the Aether is a dimension high in the sky which consists of floating islands. You are able to ascend through a Glowstone portal and start a new survival adventure which is packed with new ores, mythical creatures and Dungeons which are dangerous. The thing that you have to do is build a Glowstone frame and also add water to be able to light the mystical portal, step in and then you will be brought soon to the luscious hostile paradise which is called as the Aether.

Gilded presents this original mod and it is up to date for the modern Minecraft version and fully compatible with multiplayer. Gilded Games also has ensured to keep The Aether as close to the original mod from 2011 as possible while continuing to work on the sequel named Aether II.

You are able to download this mod by visiting CurseForge. In The Aether mod page, you are able to see the Download button and you are able to click on it to download the mod. In the description, you are even able to follow The Aether on Facebook AetherMod, Twitter @DevAether and the website gildedgames.com.

The changelog of this mod is listed below.

  • Now, it adds emissive texture support. It is enabled by default with Optifine installed, but you are able to disable it in its settings.
  • It adds back the classic Slider and Valkyrie Queen advancement sounds.
  • The Holiday Tree snow which sometimes breaks logs has been fixed.
  • The Light Angelic Stone has been fixed and it is replaced with a normal Angelic Stone when the Queen is defeated.
  • Now, Dungeon loot is done in loot tables because of Raptor.
  • The portal sound utilizes a separate sound event. This does not give the effect to the gameplay at all, just more customizable and it also gets its own subtitle.
  • There is the Legacy music disc.
  • Now, it is fixed that console spam with dangerous alternative prefixes on startup.
  • There is Minecraft item lore.

You may be curious how this mod will be in your Minecraft world. So, what are you waiting for? You are able to download it in the Curse Forge and then you can start your adventure there.

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