Minecraft Textures Faithful 1.13.2 [32x]/1.12.2

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The reason why you come to this site may be because you are looking for Minecraft textures Faithful 1.13.2 [32x] / 1.12.2. Well, if you want to use this pack, it is better for you to know more information about it. So, you have to make sure that you do not skip any part of this article.

You may think that Minecraft is not a bad looking game. Of course, it is blocky which is kind of full of cubes. However, it does not mean that the game looks bad. Players and maybe including you may just feel that Minecraft needs more detail in the designs. So, there are various Faithful resource packs which can do well and one of them is the Faithful 32×32 resource pack.

What is a resource pack? It is the replacement API for texture packs which is introduced in Java Edition 1.6.1. Resource packs permit you to be able to customize textures, music, models, sounds, language files, end credits, splash texts and fonts without having to modify the code of Minecraft.

You are able to place resource packs in the folder resource packs within the .minecraft. According to Minecraft Wiki, each resource pack is either a sub-folder or a .zip file in the folder. If it is in the folder, a resource pack is able to be added from the options menu where resource packs are able to be moved between Available Resource Packs and Selected Resource Packs. Resource packs will load their assets based on the order of the list of the pack. The first one which will load is the bottom-most pack which is always default.

Faithful 32×32 resource pack is just about doubles the resolution of every block, monster, item and piece of equipment in the game. If you use this resource pack, the changes are thorough and complete. Even you will be able to see a difference immediately in quality after you initialize this pack, especially in the edges and corners of things.

However, you should not expect any serious changes or big differences because this resource pack stays true to the original look and feel of Minecraft. For the most part, the world in Minecraft will look similar to it always has. But, the textures will be crisper, sharper and better defined. With this resource pack, you will have colors which are brighter or darker as appropriate. The shadow effects are also a little bit more realistic. However, the small jump from vanilla 16x resolution to the 32x resolution of this pack only does so much to improve lighting. If you want to get the optimal shading effects, you are able to run a shader mod.

Faithful 32x is just a resource pack and not a mod. So, it does not really change the way Minecraft works. You will have different visuals. And fortunately, all of your mods which are installed and work should continue to work after you install this Faithful 32x.

So, what do you think about this resource pack? You are able to download and install it if you want to experience different visuals in Minecraft.

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