Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe

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For those who want to make smooth stones in Minecraft, then Stonecutter is the one for you. Stonecutter is able to be used as an alternative to crafting tables to craft stones. You are able to craft stone related blocks more accurately and smaller in size than regular crafting with Stonecutter. Aside from that, it also can be used as a stone mason’s job site block.

The essential Stonecutter crafting recipe is pretty same for each version. You need to get 1 Crafting Table, 1 Iron Ingot and 3 Stones to craft a Stonecutter. Please follow an accurate crafting recipe to generate Stonecutter.

Once you have acquired these materials, you will be able to start crafting this tool called Stonecutter.

Step 1: Open Crafting Menu

In order to get started with making a Stonecutter, you are going to need to open your Crafting Table. Since you are just getting started, the table should be empty. However, if there are some items in the crafting slots, you will want to remove them so you are able to start crafting.

Step 2: Add Materials to Crafting Menu

In the crafting menu, you will see a 3×3 grid, where you will have to place the items to craft a Stonecutter. In this grid, you will want to place 1 Iron Ingot in the middle slot on the top row, and then place 1 Stone in each of the middle row slots of the grid.

Step 3: Move Stonecutter to Inventory

Once you have placed the materials in the right positions, you will notice that the slot on the right of the crafting menu will be auto-filled with a Stonecutter. You will have to click on this tool and drag it into your inventory. Once it has been placed in your inventory, you will be able to place the Stonecutter and start using it for cutting blocks.

Step 4: Place Stonecutter on Ground

Before you start using the Stonecutter, you will have to move it from your inventory and place it on the ground. For this stage, you will have to take the Stonecutter and place it in your hot bar to access it quickly. Once it has been placed in your hot bar menu, you will have to choose a spot for your Stonecutter. You are recommended to place the Stonecutter in your smelting room so that you can access all your tools in one area quickly.

The thing called Stonecutter refers to a handy tool with a lot of advantages. This one saves time and materials. Aside from crafting tables, you are able to use Stonecutter to cut all your stone related blocks. Even though it generates naturally, you are not able to have it ready-made. You have to follow a few recipes in order to make a Stonecutter in your Minecraft village. In this article, you are able to find these recipes with easy steps. After you have gathered all the materials, please follow every step if you want to craft your own Stonecutter.

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