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What’s new in Minecraft today?

If you are Minecraft lover, of course, you will follow for new update for Minecraft. However, it can be an important thing for Minecraft player to keep waiting the new updates of Minecraft either for the features of technique.

By following for the new updates for Minecraft, definitely you can know anything about Minecraft. So, you can get the latest information that allows you to follow its changes at all. As you have known well that Minecraft always keep updating regularly to maintain and fix some issues that happen in the system.

Today, what is a new update of Minecraft?

The Minecraft players are enlivened with a new release feature called 20W20A. So, what is it?

20W20A is the sixteenth snapshot for the Java Edition 1.16 which is released on May 13, 2020. Certainly, it released to add some new features, advancements and also fixes some bugs.

Then, to make you more understanding to know the new features of 20W20A, definitely we are going to explain it in the form of list below!

What are new features in 20W20A?

The new features in 20W20A certainly will make the players so amazed with it. Some features are added to Minecraft, they are:

  • Added a new game mode switcher debug menu.
  • Added new nether advancements.

Two features definitely will satisfy the players to get rid of bugs that make them stressful with it.

What are new advancements?

  • The Serious Dedication has been changed in the description from “Completely use up a diamond hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices” to “Use a Netherite ingot to upgrade a hoe, and then reevaluate your life choices.” It is also now awarded to obtain a netherite hoe.
  • The Bullseye has been changed from “Hit the bullseye of a Target block with an arrow” to “Hit the bullseye of a Target block from at least 30 meters away.” It is also now as a challenge advancement and rewards 50 experience. Then, it also unlocks when hitting the center of the target block from 30 blocks away.
  • To obtain the blackstone can count for the Stone Age
  • Striders are now allowed for Two by Two.
  • The description changed from “Not Today, Thank You” from “Deflect an arrow or trident with a shield” to “Deflect a projectile with a shield.”
  • The description changed from “Ice Bucket Challenge” from “Form and mine a block of obsidian” to “Obtain a block of obsidian.”
  • Added to remove the safely-harvest-honey advancement by item-used-on-block.

How to get the snapshot of 20W2A?

Definitely, if you are so interested to know the snapshot of 20W20A, you have to keep looking for the information about it. In this article, we just share just an outline of the 20W20A snapshot.

To get the snapshot, it is available for Minecraft: Java Edition. Then, to install the snapshot, you can open the Minecraft Launcher and on the snapshots in the Installations tab.

Due to the snapshots can corrupt your world, so, back up and run them in the different folder from your main worlds.

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