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Definitely, your skin in Minecraft is a way to show your character. So, creating or finding a gorgeous skin for you character is totally a must for you. Today, to look for or edit the skin can be done through online editor site. Then, if you want to get the best of the best skin, you can get it from sites.

In fact, there are tons of sites on the internet that offer you to get the attractive skin. Unfortunately, not all sites are trusted and give you a satisfaction. So, it is your job for you to look for the sites that will give you the best skin for Minecraft character.

The best and trusted online editor skin is Skindex that you can access at https://www.minecraftskins.com/. When you are at the Skindex homepage, you can find some menu to navigate you easier. They are Top, Latest, Recently Commented, Editor, Upload and Skin Grabber. Then, Sign In and Register button on the top of right side.

If you are new at the side of Skindex, definitely, you can sign up first. To register, you need to enter your email. Then, you need to enter your username and password. After that, you need to confirm your password. Finally, you can click at next button to complete the process of the registration.

If you viist at FAQ menu, of course, you can see some information such as below:

  1. Change your character’s skin on Minecraft.net

To do this, you can choose the “Upload to Minecraft” button located on the right side of any skin’s. Then, you are going to be brought to Minecraft.net, after logged in, proceed to choose “change” skin. When you enter the game, automatically your skin will be changed.

  1. Manually Change your character’s skin on Minecraft.net

You need to select the “Download” option. Then, the skin’s .png file is going to be downloaded onto your computer. You can also upload it manually into here https://minecraft.net/en-us/profile/skin. Then, select the correct model followed by clicking on “Select a file” button. Please select the skin file you just downloaded and upload.

  1. How to Download the Skins onto your computer?

If you want to download the skins, choose the “Download to computer” button located on the right side of any skin’s page. Then, you can it save onto a directory in your computer.

  1. Change the Skins on Minecraft Pocket Edition

Select the “Download” after entering any skin’s. A new page will open on your mobile browser, then hold your finger down on the image and choose “Save Image”, automatically, skin will be saved into your mobile devices.

  1. How to keep track of the which you like

In this case, the Wardrobe function will help you to track the skins, it is recommended to add the skins onto your wardrobe. If you change into another skin, of course, you can go back to your Wardrobe page. Then, select the skin to change it back.

  1. Did not receive an activation link?

If you did not receive an email, you can drop email at “Contact Us”.

  1. Can you change your Username?

To change your username, it is allowed every 6 months to prevent abuse of this feature.

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