Minecraft Seed Finder (Viewer) 1.14

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Do you need some information about seed finder for Minecraft? If you need some information about it, reading this article until the end is a must since we will inform you about it here.

Chunk Base is one of sites that you can use for finding seed. Actually, in the Chunk Base, there are a lot of finders including Slime Finder, Village Finder, Mineshaft Finder, Nether Fortress Finder, Stronghold Finder, Desert Temple Finder, Monument Finder, Witch Hut Finder, Jungle Temple Finder, Igloo Finder, End City Finder, Mansion Finder, Biome Finder, Dungeon Finder, Buried Treasure Finder, Shipwreck Finder and Pillager Outpost Finder.

In the Chunk Base, you can find seed finder for slime chunks. To use it, the first thing that you have to do is to decide which chunk should be slime chunks and which should not. Above the map, you are able to see an estimate of how many seeds fulfill your requirements. After you run the app for a few seconds, you will get a rough estimate of the time it will take to find the seeds.

You can use the panel above the map to start, pause, resume and stop the search. If you click start, you are not able to reassign the chunks before stopping the search. You are also able to reset your configuration anytime which will stop any ongoing search as well. On the left, you are able to find two sliders that you are able to adjust. For your information, Seeds determines how many seeds that you want to find before the search is stopped. How about Workers? It represents the amount of web workers to use. The best settings for it will depend on the amount of strain that you want the app to put on your system and on your hardware. If a matching seed is found, it will be listed in the right area. You are able to click each seed to directly view its slime chunks in the app. In this point, you are not able to change your configuration until you click the Edit button.

OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials Youtube Channel uploaded a video entitled Find Amazing Biomes and Seeds for Minecraft 1.14.4. In the video, he uses Seed Tool v0.3.1. If you want to use this tool, you are able to use it by following the steps below.

  • First, you have to choose a biome.
  • After that, you are able to set the dimensions size to search.
  • In this step, you need to choose how many seeds that you want to find before the program stops.
  • Now, you are able to start the program and when a seed is found it will be output.

You are able to watch the video and the duration of it is 14 minutes and 52 seconds. It was uploaded on November 14th, 2019 and now it has been watched more than 16k times. You are able to watch it and then get the tool for finding seed in Minecraft.

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