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Are you looking for Minecraft SCP v3 Mod? When we tried to look for it, instead finding SCP v3 mod, we found SCP v3 add on. Add on is a software which will give you the ability to be able to change the way things in your game look and behave. If you use add on, you will be able to change the appearance, rules and mechanics of things in the game. With it, you are able to change the way mobs look. However, you also can change the way they behave.

On MCPEDL site, you are able to find SCP: JS Edition v3.1. If you are looking for SCP v3 mod or add on, then you are able to try using it. This add-on will be able to add 41 SCPs, 5 bosses, MTF Units, 3D guns and a lot of cool SCP related features.

This add on has gained its final update. So, there will be all features world updated separately soon. There are a lot of custom items which are added to the game. One of them is guns. You are able to trade for ammo and it is used in crafting to reload guns. For the P-90 and AWM, there are 3D models. For these guns, you are able to hold a firework in your offhand, hit and hold/right click and hold to reload your gun.

In this add on, you are also able to find a lot of different machines. You can find doors, signs, computers and many more. You are able to play around with them or you are able to use them to be able to build cool facilities. How about blocks? You are able to find a ton of new custom SCP related blocks and a lot of SCP labels for you to be able to build amazing facilities with.

Do you want to explore naturally spawning SCP facilities? You are able to do it in this add on. You are able to break SCP facility blocks to be able to spawn them in. But, their doors are not 100% functional because of Minecraft limitations. However, you do not have to be worried because doors that you place down will work fine. If you like this add-on, you can download it by visiting MCPEDL site.

On MCPEDL site, you are also able to find SCP Foundation Add on V3. This add-on has new mobs from the SCP universe. Each mob will also have their own ability. One of the things that you will find in this add on is SCP-049. What is it? It is a mob which will be able to infect villagers and turn them into zombies just like the normal zombie. This mob is also called Plague Doctor and you are able to give the red flower to this mob to make it become docile for 30. Are you curious what things that you are able to find from this add on? You are able to download this add on and enjoy all of the features in your Minecraft world.

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