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When you are playing Minecraft, of course, you will find many odd terms that you never find before. However, any strange terms in Minecraft are such a programming system name which is related to the Minecraft server. So, when you find any odd terms, it is possibly related to the Minecraft server.

Then, you might ever find RCON terms in Minecraft. Then, what is it and how does it work?

Definitely, RCON is a Minecraft protocol that will allow the server to the server administrator to remotely execute the Minecraft commands. Furthermore, the RCON was introduced in 1.9pre4 which is basically an implementation of the Source RCON protocol.

In this case, the Source RCON protocol means a TCP/IP based on the communication protocol which is used by Source Dedicated Server. This also allows the console commands to be issued to the server through “remote console” or RCON.

On RCON, the remote console has an important role in which it can control the game server from every computer in the World Wide Web.

In this case, the general usage of RCON is to allow the server owners to control their game. By using this RCON or remote console, the owners can control the game without direct access to the machine when the server is running on. Then, in order to the command accepted, of course, the connection of the server has to be authenticated by using the server’s RCON.

So, if you find the term RCON in Minecraft, it means that it is one of the remote consoles in Minecraft which is generally used to communicate with Minecraft servers.

The Detail of RCON Remote Console

Name: Minecraft RCON

Version: 1.01


use Minecraft::RCON;

my $rcon = Minecraft::RCON->new( { password => ‘secret’ } );

eval { $rcon->connect };

die “Connection failed: $@” if $@;

my $response;

eval { $response = $rcon->command(‘help’) };

say $@ ? “Error: $@” : “Response: $response”;



The Minecraft RCON remote console will provide you with a great object interface to talk to Mojang AB’s game in Minecraft. In this case, it is intended for use with their multiplayer servers. You will need the right RCON password which has to be activated on said server.


  • new (%options)

You will create a new RCON object. You do not connect automatically to see the connect command for that. The properties will be shown below!

my $rcon = Minecraft::RCON->new({

    address         => ‘’,

    port            => 25575,

    password        => ”,

    color_mode      => ‘strip’,

    error_mode      => ‘error’,


There are some options provided, they are:

  • Address: The hostname or IP Address
  • Port: The TCP port number to connect.
  • Password: The plaintext password is totally used to authenticate.
  • Color_mode: To control how Minecraft RCON handles the color codes sent back by Minecraft server.


  • Connect
  • Connected
  • Disconnected
  • command( $command, [ $color_mode ] )
  • color_mode( $color_mode, [ $code ] )
  • color_convert( $string, [ $color_mode ] )



  • convert_color ( $enable )
  • strip_color

Well, those are some information that you can know about RCON remote consoles in Minecraft.

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