Minecraft Pixelmon Servers Without Mods (No Mods Required)

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When you are playing Minecraft, you absolutely will need a great server. Certainly, to get the best server, you have to look for some recommendations of Minecraft servers from other veteran or pro players as well. By knowing some recommended servers in Minecraft, of course, you will play Minecraft without any lags at all.

Generally, most Minecraft servers will perform together with mods inside. It means that the server will require to use some mods to make the game better. But, in this chance, we are going to give you the information in which you can use the Minecraft server but it doesn’t need mods or not mod required.

But, in this case, we emphasize that the Minecraft servers without mods will be obtained with another system. Moreover, you have to get the server from the new resource pack. Most Minecraft players believe that the new resource-pack will keep the server running without mods.

Then, how to play Pokemon in Minecraft using the Pixelmon servers? Then, does the server allow you to play Pokemon without any mods required?

Although there are many players who do not believe that Pixelmon can be running without mods required, but evidently, the doubt of the fact has been proven by one of YouTuber who was showing a video in which the playing Pokemon does not need mods required.

A video comes from Robotic Tune entitled Minecraft: PIXELMON SERVER WITHOUT MODS?????. In his video, he used one of Pixelmon server versions to play Pokemon. Of course, he was playing the Pokemon on Minecraft server but no mods required.

So, if you want to prove whether it is true or not, you can watch a video through this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzIer2tpJxg. Certainly, as a pro Minecraft player, you will differentiate the Minecraft server with mods and without mods.

In his video, he emphasized that the server just could work on PC only, not all consoles. Furthermore, the server is free-to play for the PC version of Minecraft.

The IP Address of the server is play.pokefind.co.

Unfortunately, in Pixelmon server, you cannot totally play Minecraft without mods. On the official site of Pixelmon, there is an official statement in which the Pixelmon Minecraft server needs modded clients. It means if you choose the Pixelmon server to play Pokemon, of course, the mods will be required at all.

In fact, Pixelmon servers are depending on a 3. party modification. In this case, Pixelmon is the Minecraft version of the T.V Series of Pokemon. This server consists of lots of things from the show including 200 Pokemon, gym badges and battling.

Then, a fun feature you can get in Pokemon is that you can catch Pokemon in a 3D poke ball even your Pokemon features with unique attributes including the damage, habits, armor and aggression.

Well, we can conclude that you are able to play Pokemon using a Minecraft server without mods. But, in this case, we notice that the Pixelmon server will allow you to play Pokemon with mods at all. So, choose another Minecraft server if you want to play Pokemon without mods.

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