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Pixelmon servers can be mentioned as one of the best Minecraft servers which is sought after. If we talk about Pixelmon server, certainly you will be directed into the benefits that you can get from this server. Then, what makes this server worthy to use in playing Minecraft?

Need to know that Minecraft Pixelmon servers are one of the great servers that you can find in Minecraft. This server definitely is depending on a 3. party modification.

In this case, the Pixelmon in Minecraft is such a modification for Minecraft which is inspired from an Anime series “Pokemon”. The server is a multiplayer that supports the player to use the mods that will add more than 200 alive Pokemons inside your Minecraft world.

In every Pixelmon server, you will be allowed to use any Pixelmon mods. In this case, each Pixelmon mod has its own habits, damage, attributes, armor, training and aggression.

Of course, the fun part that you can get in this Pixelmon server is that you can catch Pokemon in 3D Pokeballs after the battle. Moreover, the Pixelmon mod has an easy and enhanced to use GUI.

Do you want to know the Pixelmon servers IP Address that you can use in Minecraft PE?

Certainly, if you want to know the Pixelmon Servers, you can visit the official site of Pixelmon server at http://pixelmonmod.com/.

Top 6 Pixelmon Server in Minecraft PE

On this site, you can see the list of Pixelmon Servers which are really worthy to use. Here is the list of Pixelmon servers in Minecraft PE:

6#Pixelmon Reforged Server

The first Pixelmon server is Pixelmon Reforged server. The IP address of this server is hub.mc-complex.com. This server has 805 on-players from 3000 players with 100% Uptime.

5#Pixelmon Server | OP Skyblock

The second Pixelmon server for Minecraft PE is OP Skyblock. The IP address of this server is play.mc-blaze.com. This server has 233 on-players from 1000 players with 100% Uptime.

4#GRM Pixelmon Server

The next Pixelmon server that you can use to play Pokemon in Minecraft is GRM Pixelmon server. The IP address of this server is grmpixelmon.com. This server has 104003 votes all time. Now, it has 61 on-players from 125 players.

 3#Complex Gaming

This Pixelmon server will offer lots of game modes that provide endless fun for everyone who plays Pokemon in Minecraft. The IP address of this server is pixel.mc-complex.com. The server has been voted 924547 all time. Now, it has 993 on-players from 3000 players.

2#PokeCentral Server

On this server, you will enjoy a fresh map with plenty of open space inside. Then, you can get a lot of things to do. The IP address of this server is pokecentral.org. The server has 387 on-players from 1000 players. It also has 329033 votes all the time.

1#Pixelmon Realms

You can totally use the Pixelmon Realms server to play Pokemon in Minecraft. The IP address of this server is play.pixelmonrealms.com. Now, the server has 119 on-players from 999 players. The server also has 23854 votes all times.

Well, those are Pixelmon server IP addresses for Minecraft PE that you can use to play Pokemon in Minecraft. Make sure to choose the great one.

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