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A Minecraft server refers to a player owned or business owned multiplayer game server within the video game by Mojang named Minecraft. Players are able to start their own server either by setting one up on a computer using software provided by the creator of the game or by using a hosting provider.

The multiplayer servers of the game are guided by server operators, who have access to server commands such as setting the time of the day and teleporting players. Aside from that, operators are able to also set up restrictions concerning which usernames or IP addresses are allowed or disallowed to enter the server.

Furthermore, multiplayer servers have a wide range of activities, with a few of them having their own unique premises, customs, and rules. PvP or player versus player combat is able to be enabled in order to allow fighting between players. A lot of servers have the custom plugins that allow actions that are not usually possible in the vanilla form of the game.

One of them is called Minecraft server. The aim on Minecraft parkour servers is to complete obstacle courses by jumping, running, and climbing from one stage to another. There are a lot of different themes and range of the courses in difficulty from easy to extremely hard. Usually, parkour servers have a timer counting how long it takes to complete every course and show leaderboards of the fastest players.

Here is the list of the Minecraft parkour servers:

Rank Name Server Players Status
3 CubeCraft Games play.cubecraft.net 1458/30000 Online
7 ManaCube join.manacube.net 2623/3000 Online
21 Minewind play.minewind.com 324/1 Online
39 Skyblock skyblock.net 204/750 Online
43 OPBlocks play.opblocks.com 207/1000 Online
57 PokeZone play.pokezone.net 96/300 Online
60 Mineland Network Come.play-ml.ru 314/1470 Online
70 VentureLand RPG mc.ventureland.net 34/35 Online
84 PokeDash play.pokedash.org 44/100 Online
93 PokeLegends play.pokelegends.net 31/100 Online
94 Pokeverse play.pokeverse.org 33/100 Online
103 PokeBrawl play.pokeclub.net 35/100 Online
143 PokeClub server.elementanimation.com 31/60 Online
144 Element Animation HexicPrison.net 68/100 Online
153 HexicPrison bartyrealms.com 35/150 Online
165 BartyRealms Towny Earth mc.instacraft.org 17/200 Online
168 InstaCraft org.craftyourtwon.com 29/30 Online
174 CraftYOurTOwn mc.Itt.gg 58/1800 Online
188 LinusTechTips Network slocraft.eu 6/1200 Online
196 Classic Skyblock Classicsb.com 10/250 Online
209 Mistylands Survival mistylands.net 7/75 Online
217 JumpCraft Parkour play.jumpcraft.org 27/20 Online
239 Aguiloz MC play.aguilozmc.com 14/120 Online
271 MCEvolution play.MCEvolution.net 18/500 Online
314 Ultrapixel Bulgaria Ultrapixelbg.mc-srv.com 0/50 Online
323 Archer Network – OP PvP & Prison play.archermc.net 6/250 Online
332 PokeLand mc.pocketland.world 18/500 Online
338 GhostCraft play.ghostcraft.tk 8/100 Online
352 Templex templex.co 14/204 Online
358 PokeMaster mc.pokemasters.es 46/500 Online
367 Quantum Galaxies quantum-mc.es 9/250 Online
388 Elite Survival elitesurvival,eu 1/300 Online
414 Quarantine Craft quarantinecraft.nl 8/1337 Online
422 Crianite play.crianite.net 4/100 Online
433 PvPBulgaria mc.pvpbulgaria.eu 0/300 Online
436 Elyria MC play.elyriamc.com 27/200 Online
437 Wild Prison play.wildprison.net 2/250 Online
443 PlanetMine planetmine.org 1/1 Online
452 Gearblock Survival play.gearblock.net 8/69 Online

One of the best Minecraft parkour servers is named Zero.Minr (IP: zero.minr.org). Filled with a great variety of challenging mops, crafting and killing is thrown aside in the favor of climbing and running an ever more intricate web of towers and paths.

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