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Knowing much information related to Minecraft is a good thing. If you know much about it, it will make you easier in playing the game. For example, if you know the recipes for making something in Minecraft, you can make it by yourself when you have to make it in the game.

Now, how about pamp skyblock download with a shop? Well, instead of finding information about pamp skyblock download with a shop, we only find information about skyblock with a shop. This information can be found on the Planet Minecraft site.

In the description of the map on that site, you are able to see that there is a new challenge list and those are listed below.

  • You must build a cobblestone generator and gather 20 cobblestones.
  • You must produce 10 stones.
  • You must produce 1 stone button.
  • You must produce 1 stone pressure plate.
  • You must produce 10 stone slabs.
  • You must produce 20 stone bricks.
  • You must produce 5 stone brick stairs.
  • You must produce 5 stone brick slabs.
  • You have to craft a fishing rod.
  • You have to catch 10 fish (total).
  • You have to cook 10 fish.
  • You must craft a boat.
  • You must produce 8 bowls.
  • You must craft another chest.
  • You must craft a crafting table.
  • You must craft a wooden door.
  • You must craft 10 oak fences.
  • You must craft 10 oak fence gates.
  • You must craft 10 ladders.
  • You must craft 10 signs.
  • You must craft 10 paintings.
  • You must craft 5 wooden trap doors.
  • You must craft 20 torches.
  • You must craft a bed.
  • You must craft a noteblock.
  • You must craft a jukebox.
  • You must craft 10 bookshelves.
  • You must craft 10 of each wool colour.
  • You must craft 15 of each wool colour in carpet form.
  • You have to collect a full stack of netherrack.
  • You have to craft/gather 10 nether bricks.
  • You must craft/gather 10 nether brick fences.
  • You must craft/gather nether brick stairs.
  • You must collect 16 apples.
  • You must create a flag.
  • You must create 6 different potions.
  • You must create zombie pigmen farm in nether.
  • You make a farm.
  • You must visit the shop.
  • You must expand your island.
  • You must build a lower level.
  • You must make a tree farm.
  • You must collect 10 pumpkins.
  • You must create 10 melon blocks.
  • You must collect 10 cactus.
  • You must craft 5 cactus green.
  • You must make 10 of each colour dye.
  • You must create a pond for your boat.
  • You must build a small town.

If you want to download this map, in the page of Skyblock Map With A Shop, there is a Download: Downloadable Map button. Click on that button to download this map. If you need more information about Skyblock Map with A Shop including about Pamp Skyblock Download With A Shop, you are able to visit a forum and ask other people about it.

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