Minecraft Optifine Cape Designs

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In Minecraft, capes are known as extremely rare vanity items and are won in addition to the skin of the player. They are really close to elytra which they visually modify. There are a lot of designs of the cape. Here is the complete information about the designs of the cape.

Mojang Capes

  • Old Design: Several employees of Mojang Studio have Old Design cape. This one was used from December 20, 2010 to October 7, 2015.
  • Updated Design: A few employees of Mojang Studios have this cape. This one has been used since October 7, 2015.

Minecon Capes

  • Minecon 2011 Attendees Cape
  • Minecon 2012 Attendees Cape
  • Minecon 2013 Attendees Cape
  • Minecon 2015 Attendees Cape
  • Minecon 2016 Attendees Cape
  • Minecon Live 2019 Founder’s Cape
  • Minecon 2011 Xbox Cape
  • Minecon 2012 Xbox Cape

Minecraft Festival Capes

  • Minecraft Festival Cape 2012

Temporary Capes

  • Christmas 2010 Cape
  • New Year 2011 Cape
  • 1st Birthday Xbox Cape

Personal Capes

  • Bacon Cape
  • Millionth Customer Cape
  • dannyBstyle’s Cape
  • JulianClark’s Cape
  • Cheapsh0t’s Cape
  • MrMessiah’s Cape
  • Primarine Cape
  • Turtle Cape

Other Capes

  • Crowdin Translator Cape
  • Crowdin Chinese Translator Cape
  • Scrolls Cape
  • Cobalt Cape
  • Mojira Moderator Cape
  • Realms Mapmaker Cape
  • Xbox 360 MC Cape

Bedrock Edition Cape

  • Minecon Live 2019 Founder’s Cape
  • Pancape

Skin Pack Capes

  • Enderdragon Wings Cape
  • Devil’s Cape
  • Bride’s Cape
  • Evil Wizard’s Cape
  • Wicked Witch’s Cape
  • Male Spartan’s Cape
  • Female Spartan’s Cape

Talking about the Minecraft cape, there is a thing known as OptiFine cape. There are a lot of Optifine cape designs that you will be able to find. Here are 10 Optifine cape designs as listed by skirby80:

  1. Two Lines Cape
  2. Creeper Cape
  3. Butterfly Cape
  4. Colorful Cape
  5. Blue and Black Cape
  6. Eyes Cape
  7. F Cape
  8. Black and Grey Cape
  9. Dotted Border Cape
  10. Walrus Cape

If you want to know the full explanation about those 10 Optifine cape designs, it is better for you to go to Youtube and find the video about the 10 Optifine cape designs by akirby80. Please watch the video well and do not skip. If you have something to ask, do not hesitate to leave the comment on the comment section so that people can help you to find out the answer.

You are able to change the design of your OptiFine cape, deactivate it or move it to another username. How do you change the design of your cape? You are able to login at the Cape Change page and select a new design. Apparently, the cape Change Page has a timeout of 2 minutes and the cape has to be changed at this time.

As the alternative, you can also download and install OptiFine E6 for 1.13.2 or newer. Then, start Minecraft with OptiFine. After that, go to Settings > Skin Customization > OptiFine Cape > Open Cape Editor. By doing the step, you will be automatically redirected to the cape editor page. Apparently, the Minecraft login was removed as it may cause your account to be blocked.

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