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Does Minecraft have a Discord? For those who are new in Minecraft, you may want to ask about this. You have to know that Minecraft has a Discord, and you are able to join. If you want to join Minecraft Discord, you are able to click this link; https://discord.com/invite/minecraft. It is Minecraft official Discord.

Currently, there are 499, 129 members of Minecraft Discord. To join Minecraft Discord, you will need to make an account. Please enter a username. Then, you are able to click at the Continue button. Make sure that you do a register completely. After you have an account, you are able to login. To login, simply you are able to enter your email and password. Lastly, click at the Login button. In addition, you are also able to login with QR code. Scan barcode with the Discord mobile app to log in instantly.


A Place to Call Home

Discord gives you the ability to make your own place to belong. Remember that your Discord server is your home, so you are able to share with only the special people you invite.

Organized Conversation

Topic-based text channels provide you an organized way to talk about all the things you love. You will be able to share your latest cooking mishaps while coordinating next week’s game night.

Pop in to Talk

Ready to hang out? Please grab a seat in a voice channel. They are your server’s lounge areas, designed so you are able to pop in and out of voice and video conversations throughout the day.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Minecraft Discord. If you want to find out further information related to Minecraft Discord, you are able to read other articles on our website.

In addition, here we are also going to talk about another topic. For those who play Hive on Minecraft: Java Edition, you have to continue reading this entire article as here we are going to share some instructions. You are able to join their Discord using their permanent invite link at: discord.gg/hive. To be able to participate in chats, you need to verify your in-game identity. To do that, please follow these steps below:

  • At the first step, you are able to join HIVE Minecraft server. For your information, the server address is: play.hivemc.com.
  • Then, you are able to type the command /login discord in chat and click the link that appears in chat.
  • On the website that comes up, you have to click the Discord logo and login with your Discord account.

If you follow the above steps and are still unable to participate in chats, so you are able to contact a member of staff on the Discord server, they will be able to assist you. In other cases, if you want to unlink your account, please directly message The Hive (Bot) with the word unlink and follow the instructions it gives you. For your information, the bot is always at the top of our player list.

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