Minecraft Most Efficient Strip Mining

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In Minecraft, mining is a big part of this game especially if you want to use materials in the Survival game mode. Mining in this game is impossible in the standard superflat world because the ground level is only three dirt layers above the bedrock layer. Now, have you heard about strip mining? If so, how to strip mine efficiently?

First, let’s find out what strip mining is. Strip Mining in Minecraft is the easiest method of mining. Usually, it is paired with “staircasing”. Strip mining is able to be done at a single level by creating a 1×2 path for a player to navigate. Paths are able to either be enlarged or numerous paths are able to be created. The most successful ‘strip-mining’ strategy is to make a system of passages at the various ore levels (Y=12 most recommended for finding all ores). It is also able to be done by alternating one tunnel every two blocks.

So, how to strip mine in Minecraft? You are able to follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to prepare your strip mine. You have to craft at least a stack of ladders if you are on Y=64 or higher. You will need an entrance to your mine which will be pretty far down, Y=12, to be exact. Also, you have to craft a stack or more torches. The other things that you have to craft are 3-5 stone pickaxes. You will power through stone pickaxes while digging an entrance to the mine and digging the mine themselves. You can bring along a crafting table too. So, you are able to make more as you need them. Now, you have to stand in between blocks and dig straight down. We know that the rule of Minecraft is never dig straight down. But, if you stand on the edge of both blocks, you are able to dig on both and unless both are gone, you will not fall to your death in lava. You are able to put ladders on every block so you are able to get back up. Then, on the other side of your two block tunnel, you have to place a torch every 3 blocks. If you have reached level 12, you have to dig a 1x1x1 hole on the similar side as the torches, and it is not the side with the ladders. Now, you have to fill the hole up with water, making for a fast trip down and the ladders for back up.
  • In this step, you have to dig your actual strip mine. If you are on the level 12, you have to dig a tunnel horizontally in a 1 wide, 2 tall, manner. It will make sure that you will only dig the space that you need. You need to keep digging in this manner and you have to put a torch every 11 blocks.
  • Now, you have to build a Minecraft system if you want or you are able to use ender chests to be able to teleport your valuables up and down in secret since no one but you are able to see what is in your ender chest.

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