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Apparently, you are at this page to find out the information about Minecraft Moobloom Mod. You are luck have come to this page as here we are going to discuss it. Now, you only need to read this entire article to get the information you need.


Moobloom is a mod which is inspired by Minecraft Earth game, adding colorful and flowery cows. Well, in this page, we are going to talk about Mooblooms mod.


There are some features of Moobloom mod, here are these features:

  • When sheared, mooblooms can give five flowers of their type and turn into normal cows. While Cluckshrooms give three red mushrooms and turn into chickens.
  • When clicked on with mushroom stews, the mooblooms will give suspicious stews.
  • Sometimes mooblooms place flowers of their type on grass blocks, and the cluckshrooms place red mushrooms.


Moobloom Mod 1.16.1 is a mod which is inspired by the Minecraft Earth, adding colorful and flowery cows. There are some kind of Moobloom mods; Dandelion Moobloom, Allium Moobloom, Oxeye Daisy Moobloom, Cornflower Moobloom, Poppy Moobloom, Blue Orchid Moobloom, Wither Rose Moobloom and Bambmoo. You need to know that Dandelion, allium, oxeye daisy, poppy, blue orchid, and cornflower mooblooms spawn in flower forest biomes. We get information that Wither rose mooblooms rarely appear in the Nether. The Bambmoos spawn in bamboo jungle biomes. While the Cluckshrooms spawn in mushroom fields and mushroom field shore biomes.


Now, you may want to know how to install Mooblooms Mod 1.16.1. If you want to install it, you are able to follow these steps below:

  • Firstly, you have to download and Install Minecraft Launcher Vanilla.
  • After that, you have to download and Install Fabric Installer for Vanilla Launcher.
  • Then, you are able to run recently downloaded .jar file, select the version you want and press “Install.”
  • In this step, you are able to run Minecraft, choose the profile with Fabric installed and press Play
  • The next step that you have to do is to press Start on Desktop
  • Afterwards, you need to select Run.
  • Please type %appdata% onto Run and press Enter. Goes into Roaming/.minecraft/mods.
  • Lastly, you only need to put the jar. Files onto the mod folder and run Minecraft.


Moobloom is a buttercup covered variant of the mooshroom discovered in Minecraft Earth. This one is a rare drop of cow tappables. Moobloom is like mooshroom, except yellow and sprout buttercups instead of the mushroom. In fact, they are passive mob in Minecraft Earth. You are able to get them from Cow Tappables and some buildplates. Mooblooms are inspired by the Mooshrooms due to the similarity of their names and appearance. They are yellow with Buttercups growing on their back wheras mooshrooms are red and have mushrooms growing on their backs. Aside from that, Mooblooms are able to leave a trail of Dandelions, Buttercups and Sunflowers once walking.

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