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Lure is known as an enchantment to a fishing rod which decreases the wait time for catching something. It means the player does not need to wait as long to catch the fish and the chance of getting the junk or treasure shrinks. This one decreases the wait time by 5x level seconds. It is able to have a power level of up to III.

The enchantment called Lure increases the rate of something biting the shock of the player while fishing. Specifically, this one decreases the wait time for something to show up by 5 seconds per level. If the commands are used to increase the enchantment level beyond 5, the wait timer does not start and fish do not bite.

Just like any other enchantments, Lure has ID. Here is the ID of this enchantment:

Minecraft Java Edition:

Name Namespaced ID Translation key
Lure lure enchantment.minecraft.lure

Minecraft Bedrock Edition:

Name Namespaced ID Numeric ID Translation key
Lure lure 24 enchantment.fishingSpeed

Here is the complete enchantment ID for those who want to know the other enchantment IDs:

Enchantment IDs

Enchantment Name ID
Protection protection 0
Fire Protection fire_protection 1
Feather Falling feather_falling 2
Blast Protection blast_protection 3
Projectile Protection projectile_protection 4
Respiration respiration 5
Aqua Affinity aqua_affinity 6
Thorns thorns 7
Depth Strider depth strider 8
Sharpness sharpness 16
Smite smite 17
Bane of Arthropods bane_of_arthropods 18
Knockback knockback 19
Fire Aspect fire_aspect 20
Looting looting 21
Efficiency efficiency 32
Silk Touch silk_touch 33
Unbreaking unbreaking 34
Fortune fortune 35
Power power 48
Punch punch 49
Flame flame 50
Infinity infinity 51
Luck of the Sea luck_of_the_sea 61
Lure lure 62

Lure is included in four enchantments that you are able to get on your fishing rod. When fishing with an ordinary rod, you will reel in a fish every 5 to 45 seconds at random. For each level of lure that your rod is enchanted with, five seconds of this wait time is subtracted. For instance, if you have Lure III on your rod and the game dictates that you will have to wait twenty seconds before you get a bite on your line, you will only need to wait five seconds. It may not seem like a big difference, but if you are fishing for a long time the shorter wait really is invaluable.

Aside from Lure, the other three enchantments that you are able to get on your fishing rod are Mending, Luck of the Sea, and Unbreaking. Ideally, you want to get all the four on your fishing rod. This one creates a type of super fishing rod, which never breaks, provides rare items and works quickly. However, if it is only possible for you to get two of them on your fishing rod, then you might want to consider the combination of Lure and Mending.

For those who simply want to catch a lot of fish, then Lure and Mending are the perfect ones to use. As stated before, Lure decreases the wait time while fishing and Mending allows you to repair your item by collecting experience, which you do when fishing.

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