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Do you love fishing in the game called Minecraft, but you find it a bit tricky to hook those treasured catches? Fortunately, with the thing called the Luck of the Sea enchantment added to your fishing rod, you will not have to worry about missing out ever again. So, how do you get such a useful enchantment, you may ask? Do not worry, all the details are here for you. Here is how to get Luck of the Sea enchantment and what it does.

Once placed on your fishing rod, the Luck of the Sea enchantment increases your chance of rarer catches, and lowers the possibility of getting something less exciting. These rare, usually referred to as treasure catches, will have an increased likelihood of appearing by about 4% once the rod is enchanted. If you want to get this enchantment, you will need an enchanting table, and a few lapis lazuli ore to use on this piece equipment.

For those who are not familiar with an enchanting table, it is created using a book, four blocks of obsidian and two diamonds, so make sure you have all that at hand. If you want to increase the number of enchantments available, you need to place bookshelves around the table to make your own library. If you put 15 bookshelves around the sides of your table, you should have access to all of the potential enchantments for your tools and equipment. Please open up the enchantment table and place your fishing rod inside along with the lapis lazuli. You will immediately come across the Luck of the Sea enchantment as an option. This one is incredibly useful for maximizing your fishing profits, allowing you to find rare items much more efficiently. On top of that, it has a pretty cool name too.

Once again, if you want to have the best way to fish in the game called Minecraft, you are recommended to get the Luck of the Sea enchantment. With this element, you will have nothing to worry about. Luck of the Sea will allow a 3% increase in catching treasure (enchanted but damaged bows and fishing rods, enchanted books, saddles, nametags, Nautlis shells, and lily pads) and a 1% reduced chance of junk (bowl, damaged fishing rod, rotten flesh, string, bone, ink sack, leather, leather boots, stick, water bottle, and tripwire hooks). This one is able to have a power level of up to III. Please take note that the treasure and the junk items will be different in the jungle biomes.

It could be frustrating for players to fish for treasure for hours and come up short but fortunately the Luck of the Sea enchantment exists to help solve this issue. Even though this one only gives fishing rides a slight boost in the treasure chance, it is still important for any player that regularly goes fishing in an ocean biome. This enchantment is the best and the perfect one for a pirate.

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