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If you use IndustrialCraft2, you may find or have to craft a liquid heat exchanger. What is it? And how to make it? This thing is important for you to know if you use IndustrialCraft2 mod so that you will be able to use it in Minecraft.

Liquid Heat Exchanger is a heat energy generator which is added by IndustrialCraft2. It can generate Heat Units (hU) by cooling hot liquids. If you want this machine to work, you will need at least two additional Heat Conductors. As of build 694, Lava and Hot Coolant are the only acceptable input fluids.

How about the usage of this machine? This machine will generate hU by transferring heat from a liquid which is turned into a different type during the process. The output of hU depends on the amount of Heat Conductors which are placed into the Exchanger with the minimum being 20 hU/t and the maximum being 100 hU/t.

Heat will be able to be transmitted via the orange square on the heat generator. And any other side of the block will not be able to give any hU to consumers.

The GUI of this machine consists of two liquid tanks, ten slots for Heat Conductors between the tanks and also three slots for Upgrades below. Each of the liquid tanks has a volume of 2,000 mB and also has two slots beneath it which will permit players to be able to transfer liquids using liquid storage items like Buckets and Universal Fluid Cells. What is on the top of the interface? It is an indicator which will be able to measure the current and maximum HU output.

The Liquid Heat Exchanger will only be able to work is there is a place for the heat to go. It will not be able to extract heat from the input fluid except if there is a room which is sufficient for all of the heat and resulting output fluid. It is always ‘on’ and will produce heat whenever it can. Do Redstone signals affect the Liquid Heat Exchanger? No, they do not affect this machine.

It is also important for you to know that each pair of Heat Exchangers can increase the output by 20 HU/t. In case there is a weird number of Heat Exchangers, one of them will be denied. So, the minimal amount of Exchangers which are required to run the machine is two.

The machine permits you to be able to mount these upgrades:

  • Pulling Upgrade
  • Ejector Upgrade
  • Advanced Ejector Upgrade
  • Advanced Pulling Upgrade
  • Fluid Pulling Upgrade
  • Fluid Ejector Upgrade

Do you want to craft a Liquid Heat Exchanger? If you want to craft it, you need to know the recipe for it. The materials that you need are 4 Glasses, 2 Empty Cells, 2 Iron Item Casings and a Heat Conductor.

How to make it? In the first row of the 3×3 crafting grid, you have to put a glass in the first box and in the third box, and an empty cell in the second box.  In the second row, you have to put a glass in the first box and in the third box and also an empty cell in the second box. In the third row, you have to put an Iron Item Casing in the first box and in the third box and a Heat Conductor in the second box.

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