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Sildur’s Shaders is a shaders pack focuses on options. Lots of shaders packs out there have several heavy limitations such as only working for Microsoft operating systems or only functioning on higher end computers. This Sildur’s Shaders pack functions on most operating systems, and it comes equipped with lots of editions.

Apparently, there are some types of shaders. For your information, there is a set named Vibrant shaders that add a graphical overhaul to the game’s aesthetic. This Vibrant shaders have versions named Lite, Medium, High, High-Motion Blur, and Extreme. Those options are only considering the Vibrant shaders. Aside from that, there are also Basic shaders as well as Light shaders. For those who has been interested in the idea of shaders, but you have felt limited due to your operating system or processing capabilities, so this Slidur’s Shaders is a great solution for you.

The Sildur’s Shaders pack adds tons of graphic changes to the game. For the starters, this pack adds dynamic lighting and shadows. The light seems become a binary function in Vanilla Minecraft. Brightness and color are something which continues to improve in the game. However, none of them seem to really explore the capabilities that lighting can have in Minecraft. This mod really dives into the different effects which something as simple as light can have.



  • Vibrant shaders feature nice much everything, from depth of field to volumetric lighting.


  • Full support for default minecraft, it means things like night vision work fine.
  • Shadows, colored shadows, cel-shading, color boost, crossprocess (color filer), motionblur, underwater shadows, reflections, depth of field and distance blur.


  • Crossprocessing
  • Motionblur.
  • Depth of Field.
  • World Curvature.
  • Crazy Acid shaders



  • It add various ingame options to tweak lighting colors. You will be able to find in the colors section. For note: daytime only.
  • It add an ingame option to tweak water alpha to the colors section.
  • It add an ingame option to toggle grass shadows to the shadows section. Also includes flowers, tallgrass, wheat, etc.
  • It add an ingame option to adjust the speed of all animations to the waving section.
  • It fix flickering shadows at certain times, like tick 6000.
  • It expand parallax mapping resolution option, now supports 1024 and 2048
  • Minor code optimizations.


  • Improved sky during sunrise and sunset.
  • Improved water refraction and caustics.
  • It add custom stars and an ingame option to toggle them.
  • It add ingame option default skybox or default stars to the sky options screen, causes several lighting problems with the sky during sunset and sunrise.
  • Disabled support for default stars or skybox by default.
  • Minor code optimizations.

Well, the text above is an explanation regarding Sildur’s Shaders in Minecraft. If you have any question, you are able to send us an email for assistance.

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